What comes in 2s 3s and 4s

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what comes in 2s 3s and 4s

What Comes in 2s, 3s, and 4s? by Suzanne Aker

This is an informative book about things in our world that come in 2s (eyes, feet, hands, legs, arms, etc.), 3s (stop lights, tricycles, etc.), and 4s (wheels on a car, chair legs, table legs, etc.). I like the illustrations in this book, because children can point to each object and count the number of things (e.g. point to car and count the wheels, point to stop light and count the lights).It is a good way to incorporate counting into real life, and will encourage children to make connection to counting things that they see in their world. The math vocabulary used in this story is rich, and exposes young children to higher level math skills, while still keeping the content fairly simple. This is a long book, so if I were modifying it for children of different abilities, I might make the book shorter by tabbing the pages and skipping to the most relevant examples of things that come in 2s, 3s, and 4s.
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I would have my class read this book and then go on a scavenger hunt around the school to find 2 things that come in 2s, 2 things that come in 3s Students.
Suzanne Aker


Dana is a former elementary school teacher. She works from her home in Princeton, N. And ultimately, that gives you the upper hand. So, be firm, be patient, and by above all, maintain a sense of humor. In fact, according to some experts, between the ages of two and six, children learn the meanings of an estimated eight new words per day. Just by listening and repeating, your child will begin to pick up basic rules of grammar.

Just about everyone I meet who has older kids looks at me and my little boy and says, "The time goes so fast —enjoy these years! My boy was just a snuggly mushy baby last time I made lunch, and now he's starting a 3s program in preschool. He's getting taller each month, knows most of the words to the "Yellow Submarine" and chats with me all day like an old lady over coffee. I love it. I waited until I was 38 years old to have a child, and this is the most fun and meaningful time of my life.

My daughter is working on skip counting. Some of them have characters on them, but I also included a few plain ones at the end so you can use them any time of the year. Fall Skip Counting Pages for 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s.
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    Publishers Weekly introduces numbers in a creative -- and sensible -- manner Karlin's boldly colored, realistic pictures make this first counting lesson.

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