What is a holler in the woods

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what is a holler in the woods

Half Moon Holler (Half Moon Series) by Taryn Bradley

One U-turn.
Thats all it takes to set the world spinning for Nate.

Nathan J. Bentley, is a 100% All-American backwoods southern boy, with tattoos, piercings, and muscles. Life in the small town of Half Moon is all Nathan wants…that and his holler. A hollow in the woods next to Half Moon pond. It’s not just home for Nathan; its a refuge, a place to breathe easy and find peace in a hectic world.

One U-turn.
Thats all it takes for Cassie to find her future.

Cassandra Jane Reimers mad dash from her posh life, leads her to the door of Half Moon Motorcycle & Auto Repair, and right into Nathans path.
Half Moon may not have been her home by choice, but Cassie quickly finds her heart healing within its limits. And, when the past comes knocking, Half Moon has her back…and Nathan has her heart.

One U-turn.
Thats all Nathan wants.
To go back in time and change one innocent decision that may cost him his heart, his soul…his world.

Just one U-turn.
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a simple life in the appalachian mountains - all chapters

(also spelled holler in some areas, especially Kentucky) A very old Southern USA term meaning "down the road a spell" or, more accurately, "down in the valley.
Taryn Bradley

Hoot & Holler Night with Mike Gantt

Nothing make people giggle more quickly than a touch of hillbilly slang punctuating a sentence, but the same folks usually have no idea what a hillbilly exactly is. The word hillbilly was first used at the turn of the twentieth century in a New York Journal article by political correspondent Julian Hawthorne, who was entranced by the word. A local described the "Hill-Billies" as:. The entire concept of "hill billies" was firmly implanted in American culture throughout the century. People just found such independent critters highly amusing. The actual word "hillbilly" may have been devised from the combination of "hill dwellers" - in this case, the region of Appalachia - along with the Scottish word, "billies," meaning a fine fellow.

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Top definition. To call or shout. If you need help , just holler. Give me a holler when you are ready to be picked up. Stop your hollering. He ben mared bout fie yer now ;livin bout a mile up tu holler he got a place onu east side the crik. To shout loudly, especially when in pain.


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    Later in the song, she also mentions Van Lear , the larger community in which Butcher Hollow is located:.

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    Defining Hillbillies

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