What is content strategy for the web

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what is content strategy for the web

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson

If your website content is out of date, off-brand, and out of control, youre missing a huge opportunity to engage, convert, and retain customers online. Redesigning your home page wont help. Investing in a new content management system wont fix it, either. So, where do you start?
Without meaningful content, your website isnt worth much to your key audiences. But creating (and caring for) meaningful content is far more complicated than were often willing to acknowledge. Content Strategy for the Web explains how to create and deliver useful, usable content for your online audiences, when and where they need it most. It also shares content best practices so you can get your next website redesign right, on time and on budget. For the first time, youll:

See content strategy (and its business value) explained in plain language
Find out why so many web projects implode in the content development phase ... and how to avoid the associated, unnecessary costs and delays
Learn how to audit and analyze your content
Make smarter, achievable decisions about which content to create and how
Find out how to maintain consistent, accurate, compelling content over time
Get solid, practical advice on staffing for content-related roles and responsibilities
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Published 02.10.2019

Web Design Process Pt. 1 - Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy for the Web?

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Content strategy is a relatively new niche discipline in the digital space. This article highlights some of the leading concepts of content strategy for the web , how it fits in with its neighbouring disciplines, and shares some practical guidelines that anyone in the digital space — especially those new to content strategy — should consider before embarking on their own content strategy. These findings were inspired by industry experts who presented at the Content Strategy Forum in Cape Town.
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Phase I: Research Overview

That depends on the content strategy. Content strategy plans for valuable, findable, meaningful content. For many people, content seems to begin and end with publishing. But for a content strategist, content begins with defining requirements, and identifying user needs. If the project is a site redesign, they might inventory and review the pages currently on the site.


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    Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content.

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