What did king george the 6th die of

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what did king george the 6th die of

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Death Of King George VI : Britain Mourns (1952)

He supported Winston Churchill completely throughout the war and even visited armies on the battle fronts. He was succeeded by his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II , after he died of lung cancer.
Mark Logue

The Heartbreaking Way Queen Elizabeth II Learned About the Death of Her Father, King George VI

He was the King of the United Kingdom from 11 December until he died. He was succeeded as monarch by his eldest daughter Elizabeth II. George VI had a speech problem, a stutter. He was treated by an Australian speech and language therapist called Lionel Logue. He became a very popular king throughout the British Empire.

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Just a few episodes into the big-budget series, which launched on the streaming service last Friday, the King of England is pronounced dead — and his daughter, Elizabeth Claire Foy , takes the crown. He had married Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in , and the pair had two daughters by the time he took the throne: Elizabeth and Margaret. They found, too, that all his arteries were hardened beyond his years. He developed lung cancer and underwent a serious leg operation for a circulatory ailment, which threatened the loss of his limb. In , he had a lung operation to remove an obstruction in the left bronchus, which he never fully recovered from.

On June 3, , he was created duke of York. The duke of York assumed the throne on December 11, , following the abdication of his brother Edward VIII ; he was officially proclaimed king the following day. He took the name of George VI and was crowned on May 12, Franklin D. In May , when the House of Commons forced Chamberlain to resign, the king wished to appoint Edward Frederick Lindley Wood later 1st earl of Halifax to the premiership but was induced to select Winston Churchill , whose wartime leadership he then supported unreservedly.


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