What does god look like pictures

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what does god look like pictures

Gods Big Picture: Tracing the Story-Line of the Bible by Vaughan Roberts

Sixty-six books written by forty people over nearly 2,000 years, in two languages and several different genres. A worldwide bestseller published in countless sizes and bindings, translations and languages. Sworn by in court, fought over by religious people, quoted in arguments. The Bible is clearly no ordinary book. How can you begin to read and understand it as a whole? In this excellent overview, Vaughan Roberts gives you the big picture—showing how the different parts of the Bible fit together under the theme of the kingdom of God. He provides both the encouragement and the tools to help you read the Bible with confidence and understanding. And he points you to the Bibles supreme subject, Jesus Christ, and the salvation God offers through him.
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What Does God Look Like??? (Exclusive)!!!!!!!

What does God look like? Does THIS photograph show the true face of God?

I know many people have a picture of God in their minds, running all the way from a kindly old man like your great-grandfather to a stern policeman just waiting to punish them if they get out of line. But God is far greater than any of these! He is a spiritual being who is infinitely glorious—all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise, and all-loving. He also—unlike anyone you or I will ever know—is absolutely pure and perfect in all He does. You mentioned that you never knew your great-grandfather—but amazingly, you can know God! The reason is because some 2, years ago God stooped down from Heaven and became a man.

H ave you ever wondered what God looks like? Is He like the pictures or images you see?
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What Does God Look Like?

The psychologists questioned a group of devout Christians to find out how they envision the face of God in their minds. Participants in the study were tasked with combing through hundreds of randomised pictures of faces to select which they thought most resembled God. The study also found the perceived image of God is also influenced by the demographics of the participants. Younger people drifted towards younger faces and attractive people were more likely to pick attractive looking faces in the experiment. However, the study did not find a gender bias — participants across the board picked masculine looking pictures of God despite their own sex. The authors of the study concluded in their paper submitted to the science journal PLOS ONE people tend to imagine a God which best suits their own needs. Instead, most people questioned seemed to think God looks like a young Caucasian man.

Is this what God looks like? Is this what you picture God to look like? The psychologists came up with the sketch with the help of American Christians, who looked at hundreds of varying face pairs and selected which face from each pair they thought resembled God the most. The top image shows a composite of 50 faces that represents the collective demographics of the US population. Below are three of the stimuli created by adding visual noise to the base image which participants could use to customise their image of God. Liberals tended to see God as more feminine, younger, and more loving than conservatives, while conservatives saw God as Caucasian and more powerful than liberals. To join the conversation, please Log in.


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