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what was 18 hours ago

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Baseline Fire Burns 600 Acres In Placer County

All News Video. California Halts Prison Gang Peacemaking Effort California prison officials have halted an experiment aimed at forcing warring prison gangs to get along. California Health Officials Urge People To Stop Vaping As Probe Continues California health officials are urging consumers to stop vaping of any kind until investigators determine why hundreds of people nationwide have been sickened after using the devices. Forecast Video. Afternoon Forecast - Sept. His backup now steps into the spotlight and becomes a fantasy option.

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. A day has not always been 24 hours long. In fact, it began lasting only 4 hours. The reasons for this extreme variation were explained by planetary scientist Takanori Sasaki , from the Kyoto University, during the Physics Workshop of the second phase of the Intercontinental Academia ICA , on March 9. According to him, the most accepted hypothesis to explain the origin of the Moon is the occurrence of a giant impact between a Mars-sized body and what could be called the proto-Earth. But when did this impact occur exactly?

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Citizens with a love of German culture will be clinking steins in celebration of Oktoberfest north of Okotoks this month. Event producer Graham Mitchell said he wants the event to be the largest Oktoberfest in the Calgary area. The adult-only Bavarian event will feature award-winning German-style beers from local breweries, a beer stein-holding competition, keg throwing competitions, a Bavarian market by Edelweiss Imports, real log fire, German car show and cuckoo clocks. Traditionally, Oktoberfest occurs over 14 days starting in late September and ending early October, said Mitchell. The Ranch House will be decorated in Bavarian style, and will include a 6, sq. We want it to be cozy, all in one experience.


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