What did marie antoinette wear

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what did marie antoinette wear

Cora Carmack (Author of Losing It)

I dont know about another full book about them (because their HEA was waaay too awesome to mess with) but Id definitely read a short story about those two! My favorites <3
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Fashion in 18th-Century Paris

What did Marie Antoinette wear at her wedding?

Although Old Hollywood legends and royal princesses alike may have been revered for their enviable style and penchant for luxury, they also grappled with troubled upbringings and tumultuous relationships throughout their lifetimes. Delving past the curtain of glamorous celebrity, Secret Moments is a series humanizing the icons of yesterday. Almost two decades after Marie Antoinette's untimely death, she still remains one of the most prominent historical and cultural figures from the 18th century. As fashion month wraps up in Paris this week, click through as CR takes a look at the late French queen's most secret, tragic, and interesting bits of personal history. Her brother stood in for the groom on April 19, , and a ceremonial wedding was held on May 16 at the Palace of Versailles. Their wedding celebrations lasted for over two weeks and culminated with a grand fireworks show where sparks flew in a dangerous display on Place de la Concords, killing people. Their wedding set the tone for the rest of their lavish lives as a prime example of extravagance and opulence in France.

Poor Marie Antoinette. Trouble did seem to follow her, fairly or not. Consider the "let them eat cake" proclamation, the queen's alleged response after hearing that poor Parisians had no bread. While now there's serious doubt that Marie Antoinette ever really said those words, the statement's long been trotted out to demonstrate her supposed lack of concern for France's suffering masses. The nickname she earned in France does seem legitimate, though: "Madame Deficit," for her willingness to throw money at whatever she fancied [source: Durant ].

All rights reserved. Versailles was the center not only of French political power but also of French fashion. The French court had been governed by strict rules that determined the proper type of frocks, fabrics, and accesories to be donned for the season, time of day, and occasion. Ornate decorations, rich, dark fabrics, and elaborate, heavy designs dominated courtier couture under the Sun King. Fashion took a turn to a lighter, more frivolous style, transitioning from baroque to rococo.

What Marie Antoinette really wore.

I saw the Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony exhibition at Versailles on its closing day last June and would have hated to miss it. My expectations were very high, and yet I could not help being somewhat disappointed, not by the quality of the objects on display, which were magnificent, but by their scarcity.

All rights reserved. Both during and after her life, the famous French queen was the subject of rumor and misunderstanding. By the time she was executed at the guillotine on October 16, nine months after her husband, King Louis XVI, was killed the same way , she had been disparaged as a frivolous, selfish, and immoral woman whose lavish lifestyle had increased economic inequality. To be clear, Marine Antoinette was no saint. She also wore flour on her wigs while many French people went without bread.

Life on the estate. Fashion at Versailles continues to inspire notable contemporary designers. Fashion at Versailles : Her. Early signs of the obsession with fashion as we know it today first appeared in the late 18th century. Fashion journals at the time also give an idea of the tone, such as Monument du costume published between and and printed by Moreau le Jeune and Freudeberg, which described the different ways of dressing according to the time of day. Although iconic, changes in fashion in the French Court were in fact exceptional in the history of clothing. Hair was worn long and tied back at the nape of the neck, often with a felt cap.


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    18th century court costume and Marie-Antoinette « Versailles and More

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    Few names in history are quite as evocative as Marie Antoinette.

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    Marie-Antoinette was an Austrian princess before she married Louis XVI in Clothing had always been a powerful signifier of nationality.

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    What did Marie Antoinette wear at her wedding? | All About History

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