What happened to princess diana bodyguard

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what happened to princess diana bodyguard

The Bodyguards Story: Diana, the Crash, and the Sole Survivor by Trevor Rees-Jones

Where were you when Diana died?

For Trevor Rees-Jones the answer is simple: he was in the same hospital as Diana, fighting for his own life a few rooms away. As bodyguard to her companion Dodi Fayed, he was with the couple when, hounded by paparazzi and with a driver who turned out to be drunk, their Mercedes crashed into the thirteenth pillar of the tunnel under the Place de lAlma in Paris. Dodi and the driver, Henri Paul, died instantaneously, medics say; Diana was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors worked feverishly to resuscitate her before giving up in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Miraculously, Trevor survived. But his condition was critical -- internal chest injuries and a broken wrist were the least of it. His head had taken the brunt of the impact and suffered catastrophic damage; his face was crushed beyond recognition. In a stunning medical drama, however, a facial surgeon performed a miracle of reconstruction, and -- along with Trevors own indomitable will and the support of his family and friends -- the bodyguard was able to leave hospital after just over a month. His goal then was straightforward: to return to a normal life as soon as possible, go back to work for his employer, Mohamed Al Fayed, and to the simple pleasures of rugby and his mates at home in Shropshire.

But the crash that nearly killed him had killed Diana, Princess of Wales, one of the most famous women of the late twentieth century. A normal life was no longer an option. And as Mohamed Al Fayeds grief at the loss of his son quickly turned into a desperate hunt for reasons, for culprits and conspiracy, Trevor found his unswerving loyalty to the Boss at first questioned and then,ultimately, destroyed, as Fayed pointed the finger of blame at him.

THE BODYGUARDS STORY grippingly describes, for the first time, Trevor Rees-Joness part in these astonishing events. From the prelude to Paris, when Trevor foun
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Princess Diana's Driver Finally Breaks His Silence - Good Morning Britain

Princess Diana's bodyguard and the missing four minutes before her death

Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones details missing four minutes before Paris crash. Source:News Limited. One of the last photos of Diana, Princess of Wales, shows only a blur of her famous blonde hair in the back seat of a Mercedes as it leaves the Ritz Hotel in Paris on August 30, Next to him, in the front passenger seat is a blonde man looking deeply concerned. That man is Trevor Rees-Jones, a former soldier turned private bodyguard who — for more than 20 years — has held the clues to what happened that terrible night. The only person to survive the horrifying smash was Mr Rees, a bodyguard for the Al-Fayed family.

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Tomorrow the nation marks 20 years since Princess Diana was killed in the crash that also claimed the lives of Dodi al Fayed and driver Henri Paul. Her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones survived but suffered horrendous injuries to his brain and chest, including breaking every bone in his face. - Saturday 21 September UK News feed.

Trevor Rees-Jones was the only survivor of the crash on August 31, when Diana's car crashed at the entrance of the Pont de l'Ama tunnel in Paris. The bodyguard was in the front passenger seat of the black Mercedes on the fateful night in which Diana, her boyfriend Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul were all killed. While the former paratrooper survived the horrific crash, he was left with devastating facial injuries which included a shattered jaw, broken nose and eye sockets. We had to completely rebuild it. The eyes were apart, the nose was smashed and the jaw was broken. Mr Rees-Jones was under the knife for 11 hours in total and 30 metal screws were inserted into his face.


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    Trevor Rees-Jones is an English bodyguard who was badly injured in the car crash in Paris that killed Diana, Princess of Wales on 31 August . Trevor Rees-Jones tells "The Bodyguard's Story" · Princess Diana Death Documentary.

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