Msm miracle what is methylsulfonylmethane

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msm miracle what is methylsulfonylmethane

The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain by Stanley W. Jacob

The definitive book on the amazing pain reliever MSM--by the pioneer doctor who discovered its effects and benefits. MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is the first safe, natural, side-effect-free remedy for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions. In this authoritative look at MSM, Drs. Stanley Jacob and Ronald Lawrence reveal how to tap into the benefits of this amazing miracle compound. Experienced in the successful treatment of thousands of patients for pain, they explain how to take MSM--how much, when, with what foods, and in what form--to relieve pain in its many varieties, including: Degenerative arthritis Chronic back pain Chronic headache Muscle pain Fibromyalgia Tendintis and bursitis Carpal tunnel syndrome TMJ Post-traumatic pain and inflammation Allergies and moreHere is something natural, a supplement that appears to be safe and is helping many people. Why shouldnt you be one of them?-- William Regelson, M.D., coauthor of The Melatonin Miracle
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Methylsulfonylmethane, more commonly known as MSM, is a popular dietary supplement used to treat a wide array of symptoms and conditions. It can also be produced in a lab to create dietary supplements in powder or capsule form.
Stanley W. Jacob

7 Benefits of MSM – The Miracle Supplement

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It is also known by several other names including methyl sulfone and dimethyl sulfone DMSO 2. It occurs naturally in some primitive plants, is present in small amounts in many foods and beverages, and is marketed as a dietary supplement. It is sometimes used as a cutting agent for illicitly manufactured methamphetamine. MSM is a white crystalline solid at room temperature m. The sulfoxide is a highly polar aprotic solvent and is miscible with water; it is also an excellent ligand. Indeed, oxidation of the sulfoxide produces the sulfone, both under laboratory conditions and metabolically. Because of its polarity and thermal stability, MSM is used industrially as a high-temperature solvent for both inorganic and organic substances.

Its principal advocates have been Robert M. Herschler, Ph. Jacob, M. Herschler, who is a research biochemist, holds eleven patents for MSM awarded between and Herschler's claims for MSM are not modest. The background information section of a patent, for example, states:.

Biologically active sulfur is one of the most critical nutrients for our bodies to remain youthful and energetic. As we age, along with a diet deficient in essential nutrients, our bodies become stiff, our cells become rigid, and our overall energy begins to rapidly decelerate. MSM is gaining a lot of attention due to the recent focus on longevity and anti-aging technologies.
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Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Explained




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