What do scandinavians think of vikings

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what do scandinavians think of vikings

Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right-and How We Can, Too by George Lakey

An academic and activist takes an entertaining look at the Nordic welfare state—and shows us how we, too, can have a far more equal and just economic system

In America, many Democrats invoke Scandinavia as a promised land of equality, while most Republicans fear it as a hotbed of liberty-threatening socialism. But the left and right can usually agree on one thing: that the Nordic system is impossible to replicate here at home. The US is too big, or too individualistic, or too puritan, or too . . . something. Whatever the reason, its impossible, and we shouldnt bother to try.

Enter George Lakey. A longtime activist and academic, Lakey has spent decades studying the economies of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, and in Viking Economics, he reveals that Scandinavias deep commitment to the welfare state is much more recent than we think. Not long ago, Scandinavia was a far more unequal place, with a much weaker commitment to the social welfare of its citizens. Theres nothing inherently Scandinavian about greater equality . . . so why not try it here?

Viking Economics is more fun and entertaining than any economics book youve ever read. And, very possibly, more convincing! As he ranges from twentieth-century Norwegian history to the details of Swedish childcare policies, Lakey never loses his sense of humor or his expansive, generous vision of a better, more equal future. By explaining that even Scandinavias grandest experiments in social equality are rooted in recent political struggles, Lakey explains shows how we can do it, too—conventional wisdom be damned.

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Ancient Norse Vikings - History Documentary

He has now become a full-time Viking. Formerly a teacher and jewelry maker in Denmark, Mr. Or, that is, a politically correct one, purged of the bloodthirsty aggression that made the Viking Age a byword for macho violence.
George Lakey


The history of Scandinavia is the history of the geographical region of Scandinavia and its peoples. The region is in northern Europe , and consists of Denmark , Norway , and Sweden. Finland and Iceland are at times, especially in English-speaking contexts, considered part of Scandinavia. Little evidence remains in Scandinavia of the Stone Age , the Bronze Age , or the Iron Age except limited numbers of tools created from stone, bronze, and iron, some jewelry and ornaments, and stone burial cairns. One important collection that exists, however, is a widespread and rich collection of stone drawings known as petroglyphs. As the ice receded, reindeer grazed on the flat lands of Denmark and southernmost Sweden. This was the land of the Ahrensburg culture , tribes who hunted over vast territories and lived in lavvus on the tundra.

Why do we think of the Vikings as one people?

Photo courtesy of Olavs Menn Vikings were more than raiders, as reenactment groups like Olavs Menn are making known. Modern-day Scandinavians must also take care of our image. These are questions I deal with all the time in my work at the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University, a college started by a Lutheran Norwegian pastor in and attended by many Norwegians and Norwegian Americans through its year history. These days, with the election bringing to the surface so much about the deep, bitter racial divides in the United States, I am reminded of some of the controversy around our use of the term Viking when I worked in Washington, D. When people hear the word Vikings , they think of lots of things.


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