What not to wear trinny woodall and susannah constantine

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what not to wear trinny woodall and susannah constantine

What Not To Wear for Every Occasion by Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine turned the frumpy into the fabulous (People) in What Not to Wear. Now, fashions most lovable dictators return-looking better than ever-to tell women what NOT to wear for every occasion. No matter what age, shape, or budget, no matter if casual, smart, or trendy, Trinny and Susannah are here to help every woman look her personal best for:

- The Job Interview
- Workwear
- Playwear
- Parents Events at School
- Weddings
- Vacationwear
- Holiday Dressing
- Nights on the Town

And...what not to wear under it all!
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What Not To Wear Trinny Woodall Susannah Constantine The Rules 2003 3/8

Susannah Constantine has been on an amazing fitness journey in recent weeks after signing up to Sport Relief's Famously Unfit challenge. And she showed off the results of her incredible weight loss during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, revealing that for the first time ever she weighs less than her close friend Trinny Woodall.
Trinny Woodall

Susannah Constantine reveals she now weighs less than Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine are two British fashion advisors, presenters and authors. They have written several fashion advice books which have become bestsellers in Britain and America, and released their own clothing and underwear ranges. Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine teamed up in to write Ready to Wear , a weekly style guide for the Daily Telegraph which ran for seven years. They later became the co-founders of Ready2shop. They published their first fashion advice book called Ready 2 Dress but it was an unsuccessful venture and ended in 13, copies of the book being destroyed.

See Full Schedule. In the two ate some humble pie and came up with the episode mockumentary web series entitled Trinny and Susannah: What They Did Next. Their self-deprecating ways paid off with Channel 4 picking up the series and turning it into a one-off special:. To watch full episodes, you must have a cable provider that supports BBC America's full episode service and you must have BBC America as part of your cable package. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? You will no longer have access to your profile.

Woodall and Constantine have been accused of being starting with the book What Not to Wear in
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The What Not To Wear star recently took part in the Famously Unfit Sport Relief challenge

Susannah Constantine has proudly flaunted her weight loss after losing pounds while taking part in a diet and fitness regimen for Sport Relief. The former What Not To Wear star, 55, is thrilled that she weighs less than her on-screen partner, Trinny Woodall, for the first time. The TV star undertook various gruelling challenges over 10 weeks and, as a result, lost one and a half stone. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Susannah admitted she had been unaware of how much weight she had put on in recent years. It's a walking disaster. I look older than my 55 years, I'm a tug boat! Which is quite an achievement because I'm three inches shorter than her and my boobs are five times bigger.

Don't we look gorgeous sitting together on the sofa? Don't we just ooze oomph? And we're here to tell you that you too can look nearly as fabulous as us. You won't be so rich or so posh, of course, and you'll probably call the sofa a settee, but if you follow our instructions you won't have to look quite so hideously common as you do now. Don't feel too bad about yourself; even so-called celebs can get it wrong. Poor old Ulrika turned up at an awards ceremony and she was wearing her top back to front.


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