What is emasculation why is it done

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what is emasculation why is it done

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Emasculation Meaning

Emasculation refers to removal of anthers from a young bisexual flowers. Emasculation is performed in the flowers of plants selected as females to check the.

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Pollination is the process of the transfer of pollen from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of the same flower or another flower. The process of fertilization takes place only after pollination has occurred and allows the flower to develop seeds. Some plant species can be self-pollinated, which occurs when pollen and pistil are from the same plant. Other species are cross-pollinated, which means the pollen and pistil are from different plants. Usually plants need a pollinator for transfer of pollen to the pistil. Some common pollinators are insects, wind, and animals. Plant breeders should have a thorough knowledge of the flower structure as well as the pollination mechanism of the plant species of interest.

Cotton is an often cross pollinated crop. The slight elevated position of the stigmatic surface leads to occasional cross pollination. In cotton, flowering starts from the base and proceeds towards the tip i. It takes days for the flowers to open after the recognition of squares. The time of anthesis is between 8 and 10am.

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The mating or crossing of two plants or lines of dissimilar genotype is known as hybridization. In plants crossing is done by placing pollen grains from one genotype the male parent on to the stigma of flowers of the other genotype, the female parent. It is essential to prevent self-pollination as well as chance cross-pollination in the flowers of the female parent. The seeds as well as the progeny resulting from the hybridization are known as hybrid or F 1. The progeny of F 1 , obtained by selfing or intermating of F 1 plants and the subsequent generations are termed as segregating generations. The term cross is often used to denote the products of hybridization i.


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    Emasculation is the process of removal of the male part i.e. anther from a bisexual flower. It is done to prevent self-pollination in plants and ensure that only .

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