What made jacques cartier famous

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what made jacques cartier famous

Jacques Cartier: Navigating the St. Lawrence River by Meg Greene

Thanks to the detailed journals and maps that were left behind by intrepid sailor and explorer Jacques Cartier, historians have had access to a fascinating tale of exploration and courage. In 1534, Cartier and his men undertook their maiden voyage from Brittany, France, to the ice-encrusted shores of the St. Lawrence River. This book re-creates these journeys for young readers. A special feature is excerpts from Cartiers journals, which the author has carefully interwoven into the text.
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Au cœur de l'histoire: Jacques Cartier et la découverte du Canada (Franck Ferrand)

French explorer Jacques Cartier is known chiefly for exploring the St. On a voyage that would add him to the list of famous explorers, Cartier was to the harsh winter blew in, rapids made the river impassable, and Cartier.
Meg Greene

Jacques Cartier Facts

His exploration of the St. Lawrence River allowed France to lay claim to lands that would become Canada. He died in Saint-Malo in In , King Francis I of France sent Cartier—likely because of his previous expeditions—on a new trip to the eastern coast of North America, then called the "northern lands. Cartier sailed on April 20, , with two ships and 61 men, and arrived 20 days later. Lawrence, past Anticosti Island.

Cartier also is credited with naming Canada , though he used the name—derived from the Huron-Iroquois kanata , meaning a village or settlement—to refer only to the area around what is now Quebec city. French mariner Jacques Cartier was the first European to navigate the St. Lawrence River , and his explorations of the river and the Atlantic coast of Canada , on three expeditions from to , laid the basis for later French claims to North America. Cartier is also credited with naming Canada. Cartier was commissioned initially in by French King Francis I to lead an expedition westward across the Atlantic Ocean to explore the northern reaches of North America in pursuit of discovering gold, spices, and a passage to Asia. In he was charged with helping to establish a colony in North America. Lawrence River , he did not proceed beyond the Lachine Rapids near Montreal.

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Toggle navigation. Lawrence and giving the country Canada its name. Jacques Cartier is believed to have made several trips to the Americas before King Francis I of France sent him on his first voyage to North America in His goal was to search for riches and a passage to Asia, but he landed on the west coast of Newfoundland. The king was impressed by Jacques' discovery and sent him back.

Little is known about Cartier's early years, but he would have belonged to a middle-class family, and Cartier's early education therefore would have likely been in mathematics, astronomy, and navigation as he was known in later life as a notable navigator. In , Cartier upped his social status further when he married Mary Catherine des Granches. King Francis I was interested in further explorations of North America's East Coast, and came to know of Cartier as being a good navigator. In April of , the monarch commissioned Cartier to find a new sea route to Asia via North America, and hopefully bring back gold from the New World as well. There were many obstacles and difficulties during these explorations, as Cartier lost some of his men during his voyages, and also lost settlers to Indian attacks. The harsh winter season was another factor that hindered some attempts by Cartier to further explore the new lands.


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