Lenin what is to be done

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lenin what is to be done

What Is to Be Done? by Vladimir Lenin

In What Is to Be Done?, Lenin in 1901 argues that the working class will not spontaneously become political simply by fighting economic battles with employers over wages, working hours and the like. To convert the working class to Marxism, Lenin insists that Marxists should form a political party, or vanguard, of dedicated revolutionaries to spread Marxist political ideas among the workers.

Lenin said that the article represented a skeleton plan to be developed in greater detail in a pamphlet now in preparation for print.
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From, V.I. Lenin. "What is to Be Done!" 1902

I will limit the scope of this essay showing only the basic ideas in Lenin's "seminal" text " What is to be done?
Vladimir Lenin

What Is to Be Done?

Rob editor of Socialist Appeal , the IMT's British paper explains the importance of this text, in which Lenin rebuked reformist and opportunist trends in the Russian Social Democracy, and argued for building a committed party of professional revolutionaries to lead the working class to power. It bears huge relevance for Marxists striving for revolution today. It is also the text most criticised by reformists and academics alike for supposedly planting the seeds of totalitarian dictatorship. An example of the vitriol poured on Lenin is the following by the historian Anthony Read in his book The World on Fire London, , pp. Lenin had no time for democracy, no confidence in the masses and no scruples about the use of violence.

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Petersburg and spent the next four years in Siberian exile. He had been the leader of a local social democratic circle for two years. In exile, he spent part of the time working on a massive work analyzing the nature of Russian capitalism. On the practical side, he hatched a plan to produce a national newspaper that could unite around it the scattered, isolated groupings of Russian revolutionaries throughout the empire into a single all-Russian Social Democratic Party. An attempt to form a national party had been made at the first national Russian Social Democratic conference in , but it was small and unrepresentative, and most of its participants were arrested immediately after the conference took place.

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Vladimir Lenin is considered the greatest of all revolutionary tacticians., He also wanted an organized vanguard party consisting of a compact grouping of revolutionary socialists, and for a break with reformist politics.

What Is to Be Done? Chto delat'? Nabolevshiye voprosy nashevo dvizheniya is a political pamphlet written by the Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin credited as N. Lenin in and published in In What Is to Be Done?


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    Published: Lenin's Selected Works, Volume 1, pp. - First published as a separate work in March Source: Lenin's Collected Works, Foreign.

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