What does find no quarter mean

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what does find no quarter mean

No Quarter (Bounty, #1) by Christine dAbo

When bounty hunter Gar is given a simple locate-and-retrieve mission, he’s convinced it’s a waste of his skills. His success rate is legendary, and this assignment is almost too easy.

There isn’t a more prolific space pirate in the galaxy than Captain Faolan. When he walks into a bar with a proposition heavy in mind, he’s not expecting anything to go wrong.

Forced from his solitary existence to work with Faolan, Gar can’t deny his need and desire for a man who he should put in prison. When the hunter becomes the hunted, Gar must learn to put his faith in a man he doesn’t know, or run the risk of ending up dead.
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No Quarter - Led Zeppelin HD (with lyrics)

Give no quarter

The word began to be used to describe a region or local by the turn of the 14th century C. This soon was specified to mean 'a portion of a city or town' that was often identified by the type of people living in it we see this now in regional names such as the French Quarter in New Orleans. By CE, the pluralized version quarters became a common military term for a residence or dwelling place. Only three years later we find written records of quarter being used as a verb meaning 'to provide lodging for soldiers. Log in No account?

In a war, sometimes one army would take prisoners from the other side. If army leaders commanded their soldiers to give no quarter , this meant to take no prisoners. In other words, kill all of the opponents, even if they surrendered. Over time, people began to use this military command figuratively , meaning to show no compassion. This is the most straightforward explanation for this idiom. However, sources speculate that it may have developed through some other way. There is no definitive proof for any of the theories.

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The song became a centerpiece at all Led Zeppelin concerts thereafter, until their final tour., Show no mercy or concession; in its original usage, show no mercy for a vanquished opponent.

In war, a victor gives no quarter or takes no prisoners [1] when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life of a vanquished opponent in return for their unconditional surrender. Under the modern laws of war , "it is especially forbidden Since a judgment on the law relating to war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg Trials in October , the Hague Convention, including the explicit prohibition against declaring that no quarter will be given, is considered to be part of the customary laws of war and binding on all parties in an international armed conflict. The term may originate from an order by the commander of a victorious army that they "will not quarter house " captured enemy combatants. Therefore, none can be taken prisoner and all enemy combatants must be killed. In Quarter, and in termes like Bride, and Groome.

Q From Carl : Recently, I had a person ask me the etymology of to give no quarter. What bothers me is that I can find no rationale for connecting quarter in its sense of one-fourth to its meanings of living space or accepting the surrender of a vanquished enemy. A The idiom is certainly odd. In the fourteenth century, quarter added to its basic meaning of the fourth part of something by taking on a sense of one of the four principal divisions of the horizon or the points of the compass. The same meaning was applied to one section of an army camp. There seem to have been one or two further stages.


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