What was the winter of valley forge

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what was the winter of valley forge

Winter at Valley Forge by Matt Doeden

This book, for ages 8-10, presents information that students would typically encounter in their social studies textbook, but in graphic-novel format. Im not sure how to rate this book, since its the only example of its type Ive seen. The book details the terrible winter the Contintental Army endured at Valley Forge in 1777-78 and how they overcame tremendous hardships to put the British on the defensive. The format will help bring the story alive for many readers, espeically boys. Themes of honor and loyalty are well-represented. The ending was abrupt. There are additional facts at the end, as well as a glossary and addtional sources. In some aspects, it doesnt measure up to the other high-quality informational texts available, but Id say we need more texts like this to help support students in their social studies/history work.
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Valley Forge: A Winter Encampment

While conditions were notoriously cold and harsh and provisions were in short supply, it was at the winter camp where George Washington proved his mettle and, with the help of former Prussian military officer Friedrich Wilhelm Baron von Steuben , transformed a battered Continental Army into a unified, world-class fighting force capable of beating the British. General George Washington and his weary troops arrived at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania six days before Christmas in The men were hungry and tired after a string of losing battles that had resulted in the British capture of the patriot capital, Philadelphia, earlier in the fall.
Matt Doeden

Valley Forge

Having suffered a string of defeats that fall, including losing the capital of Philadelphia to the British, the Americans made camp for the winter outside of the city. While at Valley Forge, the army endured a chronic supply crisis but largely remained as well fed and clothed as it did during the previous campaigning season. During the winter, it benefited from the arrival of Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben who implemented a new training regimen which transformed the men in the ranks from inexperienced amateurs into disciplined soldiers capable of standing up against the British. When Washington's men departed in June , they were an improved army from the one that had arrived months earlier. In the fall of , Washington's army moved south from New Jersey to defend the capital of Philadelphia from the advancing forces of General William Howe. Clashing at Brandywine on September 11, Washington was decisively defeated, leading the Continental Congress to flee the city.

Battles of the Revolutionary War Interactive Map. Description: This awesome map allows students to click on the points of the map to learn more about each battle. Type: Interactive Map or Tour. Format: Online Activity. Battles of Lexington and Concord. Description: This is a description of what happened before, after, and during, the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Valley Forge functioned as the third of eight military encampments for the Continental Army's main body, commanded by General George Washington. In September , British forces had captured the American capital of Philadelphia. About 1, to 2, soldiers died due to disease, possibly exacerbated by malnutrition. Today, Valley Forge National Historical Park preserves and protects over 3, acres of the original encampment site. In , Valley Forge consisted of a small proto-industrial community located at the juncture of the Valley Creek and the Schuylkill River.

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While the British occupied Philadelphia, Washington and his army hunkered down for a harsh winter at Valley Forge. No battle was fought there, yet, it was the turning point of the Revolutionary War. It was here that the Continental army was desperately against the ropes — bloody, beaten, battle-weary — and ready to quit. Even General Washington conceded, "If the army does not get help soon, in all likelihood it will disband. We know what happened here.

The rebel capital, Philadelphia, fell into British hands. By the time the army marched into Valley Forge on December 19, they were suffering not only from cold, hunger, and fatigue, but from low morale in the wake of the disastrous Philadelphia Campaign. Washington described Valley Forge as "a dreary kind of place and uncomfortably provided. However, in spite of these advantages, Washington's army was ill-prepared for the encampment that would last six months. The army camped at Valley Forge consisted of as many as 12, Continentals, as well as smaller numbers of African American and Native American soldiers.


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