What does cardenas mean in english

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what does cardenas mean in english

The Revolutionaries Try Again by Mauro Javier Cardenas

Extravagant, absurd, and self-aware, The Revolutionaries Try Again plays out against the lost decade of Ecuadors austerity and the stymied idealism of three childhood friends—an expat, a bureaucrat, and a playwright—who are as sure about the evils of dictatorship as they are unsure of everything else, including each other.

Everyone thinks theyre the chosen ones, Masha wrote on Antonios manuscript. See About Schmidt with Jack Nicholson. Then she quoted from Hope Against Hope by Nadezhda Mandelstam, because she was sure Antonio hadnt read her yet: Can a man really be held accountable for his own actions? His behavior, even his character, is always in the merciless grip of the age, which squeezes out of him the drop of good or evil that it needs from him. In San Francisco, besides the accumulation of wealth, what does the age ask of your so called protagonist? No wonder he never returns to Ecuador.

“Exuberant, cacophonous . . . Cardenas dizzyingly leaps from character to character, from street protests to swanky soirees, and from lengthy uninterrupted interior monologues to rapid-fire dialogues and freewheeling satirical radio programs, resulting in extended passages of brilliance.” —Publishers Weekly, *starred review*
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Definition of: Cardenas

Cardenas, also found recorded although quite rarely as the diminutives Cardenoso, Cardenosa, and Cardenoza, is a Spanish habitational or locational surname. It describes a person who originally lived by an area where the blue purple fern with severe gorse-like needles known as the 'Cardeno' grew, or who came from a place so named. The original spelling was 'Carduus' meaning 'thistle', to which was added the word 'tierras' - land, although this suffix is now all but lost. There are a number of small villages called 'Cardenas', the thistle itself was used until quite recently in country areas for 'carding' wool, a method of cleaning and purifying the fleece. In that sense 'Carduus' is also the origin of the English surname 'Card', a metonymic or nickname for a person who prepared the fleece prior to spinning.

It comes from a noble house of Viscay belonging to the low nobility. It is the th most popular surname in the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia. The origin of this surname can be found at the beginnings of the 13th century.
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Steve Cardenas is a martial artist, actor, and martial arts. He was most active from to His most notable accomplishments were from to He passed away on October 19th, She was most active from to present. Elsa is also known as Elsa Cardenas and Elsie Cardenas.

Related to Cardenas: Lazaro Cardenas. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Cardenas also was not provided a lawyer until 11 days after his arrest, and his representatives claim evidence against him is faulty and his confession was coerced. Planned execution of Mexican national draws international ire. Set in Lima during the dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori , the plot of Cinco esquinas is twofold: the odd-numbered chapters tell the story of Enrique Cardenas , a wealthy entrepreneur who belongs to the Peruvian elite, while the even-numbered ones focus on the story of Rolando Garro, the unscrupulous editor of the weekly tabloid Destapes, from which a mischievous blend of political power and yellow journalism emerges in the narrative.

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