What do literacy coaches do

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what do literacy coaches do

Literacy Coaching: The Essentials by Katherine Casey

This book achieves something which is rare in professional development books. It demonstrates how to integrate core instructional elements into successful practice.... It should become a central text for study at the classroom, school, and district level.
- Anthony J. Alvarado, former Superintendent, District 2, New York and former Chancellor of Instruction, San Diego City Schools What do literacy coaches do? Who do they coach? How does it work? Katherine Casey is a veteran literacy coach, and on the first page of Literacy Coaching she gets down to business: I coach teachers in their classrooms, demonstrating lessons, working alongside teachers as they teach, problem solving together how to better meet the needs of their students. From there she presents the most authoritative, comprehensive, and focused guide on literacy coaching available.

Literacy Coaching takes you inside todays main coaching models, exploring their roles and responsibilities. Beginning with what coaches do, Casey provides real-life examples of what youll need to know and what abilities the job requires, as well as crucial but often overlooked details such as how to build a relationship with your principal and how to assess the strengths and needs of the teachers youll work with. Then she presents a variety of professional development structures that help you deliver smart, targeted instructional support where and when teachers need it most. Literacy Coaching gets into the nitty-gritty, offering experience-honed advice on these and numerous other important coaching functions:

gathering materials, gaining entry, and getting started developing trusting relationships taking notes while observing teachers and students using data to uncover areas of instructional need teaching side by side with a host teacher and debriefing afterward coaching strategies and language running powerful workshops, visitations, and meetings Filled with examples of completed instructional observation forms, graphic organizers, correspondence and conversations with faculty and administrative constituencies, and classroom vignettes that illustrate how coaching really looks, Literacy Coaching is the ideal companion for a practicing coach or consultant and especially for teachers who want to become one.
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The Impact of a Literacy Coach

How are literacy coaches different from reading specialists and mentors? ▫ What is coaching range from “helping teachers do better,” to “improving instruction,”.
Katherine Casey

What’s the Role of a Literacy Coach?

With the ever-increasing focus on reading achievement in schools today, many districts are hiring literacy coaches to provide embedded professional learning opportunities for their teachers. Coaching holds great promise as a tool to increase teachers' content knowledge. It's an essential ingredient in educators' efforts to increase student achievement, and it has the potential to nurture a culture of academic focus by valuing current professional knowledge and extending and enhancing effective pedagogical practice. The use of literacy coaches is not without controversy, however, and there are a number of reasons for this, including uncertainty about the purpose of literacy coaching, multiple interpretations of the title and role of a literacy coach, and the varying qualifications of the individuals hired to provide the coaching support. Some educators perceive coaching as punitive—a remedial service for those who aren't teaching up to standard. Others view the coaching experience as evaluation under the guise of support or as directives in reflective disguise the wolf in grandma's clothing. Still others consider coaching an unnecessary distraction from the daily business of teaching and suggest that coaches reserve their time for "teachers who really need it.

When it comes to literacy instruction, you are not alone! A literacy coach can help with materials, feedback, professional development, and more. I think all of us in educational careers can attest that others outside of the field will never fully understand all that we do. As a literacy coach, I cannot give the answer of teaching a grade level or content area that would give people a general understanding of my duties. With the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System now in place in districts across the state, I am hoping this confusion is becoming less common.

Pros and cons of becoming a literacy coach

In the world of sports, a coach is someone who assesses players' talents, trains players to improve their skills, and plans strategies to maximize her team's chances of winning an upcoming competition., With the ever-increasing focus on reading achievement in schools today, many districts are hiring literacy coaches to support current educational objectives and enhance classroom teaching.

All identifying details are changed, of course, and the teacher profiles I describe below are fictionalized constructs. Arrive at the school after an hour commute and check in with the principal. Flexibility has always been the name of the game in education. The fact that she ever finds classroom coverage is pretty miraculous in my eyes. Meet with the 2nd grade teacher. She bombards me with 3, questions every time we meet.


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