What happened to tonya harding and nancy

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what happened to tonya harding and nancy

Thin Ice: The Complete, Uncensored Story of Tonya Harding by Frank Coffey

It’s Impossible to Forget Tonya Harding.
  She will be forever remembered as a tough-talking, hard-living athlete who would do anything to become an Olympic Gold Medalist. But was Tonya Harding a misunderstood girl from the wrong side of the tracks? Did her raw talent and burning ambition trip her up? How far was she willing to go to beat her greatest rival, Nancy Kerrigan?
Award-winning sportswriter Joe Layden and bestselling author Frank Coffey go past the bright lights of the rink to find the truth behind Harding’s public image. Despite a nightmare childhood of poverty and abuse, a troubled marriage, and a disastrous divorce, Harding became one of her generation’s greatest figure skaters. But did she reach her sport’s ultimate goal fair and square? How deeply was she involved in the stunning attack on Nancy Kerrigan? How did she really feel about her rival? Throughout the controversy that derailed her career, Harding held her head high and stayed true to herself. Fierce, undaunted, uncensored—this is the true story of Tonya Harding.
Includes 10 revealing photographs!
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Almanac: The Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding scandal

Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan True Story

It was "the whack heard around the world. Women's Championships in Detroit — and the perpetrator was a hitman hired by the ex-husband of her rival, Tonya Harding. The shocking sports scandal is the subject of the new movie "I, Tonya. Kristi Yamaguchi took gold, while Kerrigan won bronze and Harding got silver. Yamaguchi retired from the sport after that win, and many believed Kerrigan would be the next face of the sport. Harding was an impressive skater with unmatched athleticism — she was the first woman to attempt and land a triple axel.

Olympians Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan were preparing for their second Games together when Kerrigan was attacked — but was Harding involved? She holds onto her innocence to this day. Multiple documentaries have been made on the incident, and Margot Robbie stars in Hollywood's big-budget film I, Tonya , which earned a trio of Oscar nominations. The scandal occurred over 20 years ago, yet the movie offers a new reason to revisit the case. In a time when some women choose to tear each other down for the sake of their own careers and relationships, the movie will surely open a fresh perspective.

Kerrigan was the darling of figure skating.

A native of Portland, Oregon , Harding was raised primarily by her mother, who enrolled her in ice skating lessons beginning at age four. Harding would spend much of her early life training, eventually dropping out of high school to devote her time to the sport. After climbing the ranks in the U. She was the and U. In , she earned distinction as being the first American woman to successfully land a triple Axel in competition, and the second woman to do so in history behind Midori Ito.


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