What is the opposite of reality

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what is the opposite of reality

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Published 11.10.2019

Choose: One Lens to Reality Makes You Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. The Other Lens Does the Opposite.

Here you can find the antonyms list for the word reality. Also you can find some other opposite words using the online search on our website.

The Opposite of Reality

We all know that dreams are opposite of reality. What if I dream that I my sister is marrying someone , does that means she will not marry? Cuz it's the exact opposite , right? Not so sure about warning dreams and such , but I still wonder if this is true :.

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Our first failure is to be believe that reality can be opposed. It is to believe that something real can attack something real. Our second failure is once again to believe that reality can be opposed. But this time it is to believe that something illusory can attack something real. In our first failure we attempt to protect ourselves against reality because we believe that what we defend is real. In our second failure we attempt to protect ourselves against illusions because we believe that what we defend is real.

As real as that daydream may seem, its path through your brain runs opposite reality. Aiming to discern discrete neural circuits, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have tracked electrical activity in the brains of people who alternately imagined scenes or watched videos. What areas are interacting? What is the direction of communication? Their work could lead to the development of new tools to help Tononi untangle what happens in the brain during sleep and dreaming, while Van Veen hopes to apply the study's new methods to understand how the brain uses networks to encode short-term memory.

Synonyms for reality existence matter phenomenon real world realism sensibility truth absoluteness actuality authenticity being certainty concreteness corporeality deed entity genuineness materiality object palpability perceptibility presence realness solidity substance substantiality substantive tangibility validity verisimilitude verity bottom line brass tacks how things are like it is name of the game nuts and bolts way of it what's what MOST RELEVANT. They all admired and respected her, and nobody doubted the reality of her adventures. Yet when we do make them come true, we find the vision sweeter than the reality. The object so meritorious, who can doubt the reality of his professions? Now Vavasor was in reality not a little disgusted at what he beheld. But how much nearer to him in reality was the child when awake and about the house? It was like a terrible dream, only with the assurance of reality in it.


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