How do i know what career god wants for me

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how do i know what career god wants for me

How Do I Know What God Wants Me to Do? by Margaret Weston

ALL PROFIT MADE BY THE AUTHOR FROM THIS BOOK IS DONATED TO TEARFUND. (Further information available in the book) How do I know what God wants me to do? is the second book in the How do I know? series. The first book in the series is How do I know I know God? which is intended to challenge the reader as to whether he/she has a personal relationship with God. This second book is for you if you are already a Christian but perhaps unsure about what God wants you personally to do. It is a challenge to Christians world-wide - rich and poor, young and old, those who have recently come to know Jesus and those who have been on their journey a long time. Will you realise your potential in Christ? Will you take action - or if you are already doing so, will you continue to take action - to advance Gods kingdom in our generation? If each one of us individually was prepared to fully commit to do what God wants us to do then what changes we would see in our generation and what a gift for the generation to come! So if you have struggled with this question - How do I know what God wants me to do? then this book is for you! If you know God but want to walk more closely with Him, then this book is for you! If you are an ordinary Christian but you know an extraordinary God, then this book is for you!
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God wants you to make the right decison

How to know the career God wants you to have?

So the bigger issue is not finding a career that seems like play all the time, but finding a career that God has designed you to do that will bring the greatest satisfaction in your life. In this book he talks about finding a job and a career that God has uniquely designed you to perform. It is the kind of work you enjoy doing and may sometimes feel guilty that people actually pay you for doing. This first tip is the whole focus of the book by Lucado. The other 4 tips are how to apply what you discover to your life.

God wants what is best for you, both in your personal and professional life, the Rev. Billy Graham writes. Graham, founder of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote in a recent post for the Kansas City Star that because God cares about our future, we should put our trust in Him that things will work out according to His plan. God knows all about you, and he made you into the person you are. He knows your gifts and abilities, and he also knows your limitations. Why not seek his plan for your life?


Many of us will have winding career paths in our lives, but how are we to make the best, God-honoring decisions at those critical forks in the road? - Choosing a specific career isn't an easy decision for many people.

For many of us Christians, there comes a time where we are faced with the choice to pursue God's calling for our lives and the option to build for ourselves a lucrative career. Some of us, however, end up not knowing what God wants us to do. How do we know if God wants us to do something else, something different from what we are doing now? Friends, all of us who are in Christ are given the same goal and direction: Christ-likeness see Romans No matter where we are, who we are, and what we do, all of us who are sons and daughters of the almighty God are destined to conform to the image of the Son, Jesus Christ. Regardless of our career or vocation, whether we are in ministry or not, God wants us to be like Christ.


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