What are the five towns

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what are the five towns

Anna of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett

Anna, a woman of reserve and integrity, lives with her tyrannical and selfish father. Courted for her money by the handsome and successful Henry Mynors, Anna defies her fathers wrath--with tragic results. Set in the Potteries against a background of dour Wesleyan Methodism, Anna of the Five Towns is a brilliantly perceptive novel of provincial life in Victorian England. Newly designed and typeset in a modern 6-by-9-inch format by Waking Lion Press.
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Five of the Most Bizarre and Fun Towns in the World

The Five Towns on Long Island - Inwood, NY (Town 3 of 5)

COUNT carefully and you will find more than five towns in the Five T owns, an area in the wetlands of southwestern Nassau County that h as estates worthy of barons, striking contemporary palaces and s maller suburban split-levels. But the area also includes some unincorporated communities and two tiny villages, Hewlett Bay Park and Woodsburgh, that are not added to the final total. Whatever the actual number, the Five Towns contain some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the metropolitan area, some of the poorest, and some of the noisiest. The area is under the Kennedy International Airport flight paths, and depending on the weather and on the runways in use at any given time, windows may rattle and shoppers on street corners may have to shout to be heard. Outsiders wonder how Five Towns residents cope with the whining of the jets, but cope they do.

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The 5 Towns is just what it sounds like - 5 Towns clustered together on Long Island. If you are from the Hewlett, Woodmere, Inwood, Lawrence or Cedarhurst, you will most definitely agree with these 10 signs that you grew up here. Maybe when it originated, The Cheese Store was known for its vast array of cheeses, but clearly, nowadays, everyone from the Five Towns and most likely beyond knows it for their abundance of iced coffee flavorings. Juniors and seniors in high school look forward to getting their licenses just so they can drive into Cedarhurst to the Cheese Store during their lunch period and bring back their oversized, saran wrapped, Styrofoam coffee cup for the whole school to see. Also, much to everyone's relief, after the Five Towns went into mass hysteria, The Cheese Store will not be closing!!


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    The five towns of Cinque Terre

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