We all fear what we don t understand

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we all fear what we don t understand

Quote by Andrew Smith : “People fear what they dont understand and hate...”

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Published 12.10.2019

Eliminate FEAR From Your Life - Bob Proctor

If We Don’t Understand Our Fears, We Don’t Know Our Opponent

I suspect that this quote actually pre-dates Mr. A longer, perhaps more telling version:. What we fear, we judge as evil. What we judge as evil, we attempt to control. And what we cannot control…we attack. The author seems to be the exceptionally prolific, and in this case insightful, Mr.

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When your motivation is fear itself

Most people do not sit down with statistical charts and decide on the basis of the evidence what specter of death or calamity should most fill them with dread. If they did, they would be pacing the floor at night over cardiovascular disease. Clogged arteries and bad hearts carry off nearly a million Americans a year, about as many as all other diseases and disasters combined. But no. On some deep level, social researchers and psychologists say, people as a society and as individuals choose, from an endless menu of things that go bump in the night, what to fret over and what to shrug off. Only neurotics tackle every item on the list, and only Alfred E. Neuman of Mad magazine blithely ignores them all.

I want to measure these axioms to determine whether we should accept them as true. I have several problems with this statement. How do you tell a communist? This fear might lead you to purchase a firearm. This firearm might lead you to successfully defend yourself against a person who has far less regard for the law than you do.

Fears, most commonly unfounded, about bad things that could happen to us or cause us some type of future harm, are the main causes of our dissatisfaction. We all hide some fears which lead us to behave in an evasive way in certain crucial situations in our lives. Thus, there is no greater opponent than ourselves and our own fears. We all need to understand our fears. Fears emerge from past experiences. In the process of socialization from childhood to adulthood, we acquire our fears.


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