How do i find out what breed my rabbit is

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how do i find out what breed my rabbit is

How to Breed a Rabbit - The Ultimate Guide to Bunny and Rabbit Breeding, Baby Rabbits and Rabbit Care by Sarah Martin

Are you thinking about breeding rabbits? Searching for a guide about raising rabbits and baby bunnies? Then this is your guide!

What Youll Find Inside: How to Breed a Rabbit - The Ultimate Guide to Bunny and Rabbit Breeding, Baby Rabbits and Rabbit Care you will learn all the secrets and tips of rabbit breeding from the top experts in the world. This complete 60 page guide takes you step-by-step through all the phases of rabbit breeding, from mating to birth and raising of the litter. Get your questions answered and be prepared, if something goes wrong with the birth or the babies youll be glad you read this book!

Comprehensive Topics Include:
What Equipment Do I Need?
How do I Choose a Mating Pair?
What if my Rabbits wont Breed?
How can I tell if shes Pregnant?
What do I need to get My Rabbit Read for Birth?
What if something goes Wrong During Delivery?
How do I handle Newborn Babies?

Also Included is:
How to handle potential baby health problems
How to hand-feed a newborn rabbit
How to wean a baby rabbit from its mothers milk
Keeping Breeding Records
Show Rabbit Pedigrees
And more...

If youre thinking about breeding rabbits, are new rabbit breeder or just want to learn how to raise and care for baby rabbits then this is your guide. Start today with How to Breed a Rabbit - The Ultimate Guide to Bunny and Rabbit Breeding, Baby Rabbits and Rabbit Care and begin your rabbit breeding hobby today!
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How to Properly Breed Your Rabbits For Success

Jan 29, Until such testing becomes available, rabbit owners must rely on other methods in order to determine the breeds that make up their bunny's.
Sarah Martin

What Breed Is My Rabbit?

Perhaps you have a rabbit with an unknown background and you wish to learn more about his genetic makeup. DNA testing can determine the backgrounds of mixed-breed dogs and reveal the breeds that contributed to their genetic makeup. But what of rabbit owners who are pondering the same questions? Ears are the first rabbit characteristic to consider. You can quickly evaluate the possibility of several breeds simply based on the ear type of your rabbit. These five breeds range in size from the petite Holland and American Fuzzy Lops weighing up to 4 pounds to the massive French Lop weighing more than 10 pounds. Additionally, the ears of the Mini Lop and the Holland Lop are distinctly different; with the Holland exhibiting a shorter ear and the Mini Lop exhibiting a longer ear.

Rabbit breeds are sometimes unclear. Do you know the breed of your rabbit ?

The American rabbit is considered a rare breed by the American Livestock Breed Conservancy which lists the American as critical. This breed possesses a calm temperament making it an excellent project. They come in two varieties colors Blue and White.

There are many different rabbit breeds and types. Research shows well over 50 different breeds with varieties of each particular breed. They come in different sizes, colours and shapes. Different rabbit breeds, and varying sizes, can have different requirements. We have devoted separate pages below, for each popular breed of rabbit, plus the not so well known breeds that you might be interested in. In addition, if you want to ask a question or start up a discussion on yours, or another rabbit breed, then please visit our Rabbit Forum If you are looking to buy a rabbit then you need to decide whether you want a dwarf , small, medium, large or very large giant rabbit. There are the mini variety, a small breed, selectively bred such as the mini lop, the mini rex or mini lionhead etc.

As of , there were at least breeds of domestic rabbit in 70 countries around the world. Each rabbit breed is considered to benefit when a reputable breeder strives to emulate the purpose for the breed, often defined by the individual breed standard by which it may be judged. Listed below are of the world's modern-day rabbit breeds. Rare breeds [i] are denoted with pink highlighting. This usage may have arisen from the Harlequin character, who, like this rabbit, always wears a motley -colored check -patterned coat—and suggests that the rabbit may be equally impish. Such evolutions in terminology pertain also to some fur types, where for example the Rex breed has rex fur, one new variety of which appears in the unusually "rexed" Astrex rabbit breed.


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