What is a warm war

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what is a warm war

THE WARM WAR by Garry Waite

“When photographer Philip Edwards finds the body of a young woman in a Costa del Sol beauty spot, he is shocked, yet morbidly fascinated. But despite his feeling that there is something going on which is more bizarre and far reaching than mere murder, he cannot possibly imagine the chain of events his discovery will set in motion – illegal baby rackets, brutal mafia murders and arms deals - in which he becomes deeply, if unwillingly embroiled.
Set against a vivid Mediterranean backdrop, The Warm War is an electrifying novel of greed and power with a fiercely energetic and likeable, if far from perfect, hero.”

It is the mid Nineties. The action takes place mostly on the Costa del Sol and in particular Marbella and Puerto Banus. Other locations in the book are Kiev/Ukraine and Russia and Los Angeles.

The Main Characters:
Philip Edwards is an Englishman who has lived in Spain for 10 years. He is a photographer and partner in a restaurant business in Marbella. He is good looking slim and reasonably fit and is about 40 y.o.a.

Carlos Jiminez is Deputy Commander of the Guardia Civil. Originally from Madrid where he was deeply involved with the struggle against ETA, he lost his wife to a terrorist attack and came to live on the Costa del Sol. He is in his forties, very tall and heavily built with thinning hair but a kind face. He is a friend of Philips as much as a foreigner and a member of Spain’s elite guard can be.

Igor Metchnikov is Russian. He is in his late forties/early fifties and is very fat and ugly with bald head, large ears and a ‘triple’ chin. He has made his money illegally and brutally. He is in Spain to escape those that may want revenge or his imprisonment.

Katrina Ornst is a young woman in her early 20’s whose illegitimate baby was taken from her in Kiev by Metchnikov’s baby selling syndicate. She travels to Spain in search of her child.

Uri Karpov is the young man she meets in Spain who tries to help her. He is very good looking square jawed, tanned and very fit looking in his late twenties. He has lived in America since he was very young, but can still speak his native Russian.

David Hill is a retired CIA man who moved to Spain when his wife died and is unwittingly brought into the story by events which he could never imagine.

Other very colourful characters create a very exciting but believable scenario.
The Plot:
Philip finds a body at the bottom of a ravine and investigations prove that it is that of a young woman who we later discover has travelled to Spain to find her child that was stolen at birth. She meets up with a young Russian/American who works for a Time Share company that we find is part owned by Metchnikov who has links to the young man in more ways than we can imagine. The plot builds as we learn about each individual protagonist and their involvement with the story. The bid to catch Metchnikov is on - and the murders and exploits eventually lead to the culmination of a story that is fast moving, exciting and credible and has links all around the world.
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Alternate History: What If The Cold War Heated Up?

The War Warm

I mean war with Russia, of course, although Russia is the point target for a constellation of emerging adversaries the US is desperate to entame before any one or combination of them becomes too strong to defeat. These include countries like Iran and China, which are developing forces capable of resisting American military aggression against their own territory and on a regional level, and have shown quite too much uppitiness about staying in their previously-assigned geopolitical cages. But Russia is the only country that has put its military forces in the way of a U. So Russia is the focus of attack, the prime target for an exemplary comeuppance. Is it, then, a new Cold War, even more dangerous than the old one, as Stephen F.

To my late mother who never got to read my first novel, My late Father for being my Father, Bob Gard for his support, encouragement and friendship, Dusty Symonds for telling me it was the best story line he had read in three years, which encouraged me to continue, and my partner at the time, Jo who had to listen to each chapter as I finished it and, until she bought a copy, had never read the finished manuscript; And to Galyna who despite many years together has never read the book. The temperature was already reaching 24 degrees centigrade as light broke on another Costa del Sol morning. The sky was clear, save two tiny dots of cloud vying for position in front of the, already fiery, sun. I had positioned myself in a safe corner of the sloping mountainside overlooking the beautiful lake of Istan, a few minutes from the fashionable town of Marbella and the glitzy port of Banus. This was a beautiful time of the day — not one that I saw very often — just after 7. The wildlife were still masters of all they surveyed and, waiting for the inevitable invasion of their tranquility by tourists, motor cars and locals going about their daily tasks. A short-toed eagle quartered the skyline, periodically hovering to study prey some meters below.

Children do what they feel is right

According to [1] , a Warm War is defined as one of three possible types of war in diplomatic situations. A Cold War , much like the diplomatic situation extant between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, can be described as a running feud between two nations where the countries themselves never fight, but tensions are always present. In the case of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the two superpowers occasionally fought their ideological battles through client states, as evidenced by the Vietnam War. However, neither side would risk the war going hot. A hot war is the diplomatic term for a situation when negotiations have completely broken down and the two countries have proceeded to combat.

In early , year-old Payton Jordan was sitting in his room at the University of Southern California when one of his fraternity brothers handed him a letter that had just arrived from the Soviet Union. The letter was from a young Soviet runner, Gavriel Korobkov, who had read about Jordan in a German magazine. I beg of you, please give me your training program. Jordan put the letter aside for a few days then responded. He described in detail his daily training regimen, his diet, and the strengthening and flexibility exercises he used. In , the American national team was invited to Moscow for a dual meet with the powerful Soviet squad. Jordan, who a year earlier had been named head coach at Stanford after building a national-championship program at Occidental College, was a member of the American coaching staff.


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    After World War II, the Cold War divided the world along ideological lines with the Eastern bloc adopting socialism and the Western world holding onto capitalist and democratic ideals.

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    The Warm War | Let's Eat Marbella

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    A couple of weeks ago I attended a presentation sponsored by the Swiss-Russian Forum a sort of Chamber of Commerce discussing ways to bridge a de facto cold war in progress between Eastern and Western Europe.

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