Beatrice alemagna on a magical do nothing day

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beatrice alemagna on a magical do nothing day

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day by Beatrice Alemagna

Give the gift of a magical do-nothing day!

This picture book with startlingly beautiful words and pictures will spur imagination and a break from boredom or screen time. Now a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year!

All I want to do on a rainy day like today is play my game. My mom says it’s a waste of time, but without my game, nothing is fun! On the other hand, maybe I’m wrong about that…

While reading On a Magical Do-Nothing Day, one gets the sense that the illustrator became lost in her drawings, and as a reader, youll want to do the same. Perfect for fans of picture books by Julie Morstad, Carson Ellis, Jon Klassen, and Tomi Ungerer.

“Hands down, Beatrice Alemagna is my favorite contemporary illustrator, said the Caldecott Honor-winning illustrator of Last Stop on Market Street, Christian Robinson.

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day has been recognized with a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators. Dont miss this picture book that beautifully encourages unplugged exploration.
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On a Magical Do Nothing Day

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day (Hardcover)

Thank you! Depressed by another rainy weekend in the country cabin, a shaggy-haired, bespectacled, white child wallows on the sofa, numbing malaise with a hand-held video game. Mom finally turns the kid out-of-doors, but the gaming device is stealthily pocketed on the way. Marvelously murky illustrations transmit the myriad textures, shapes, and density of the natural world under a mist of rain. Linear and circular forms abut one another, edging and overlapping, placing readers amid smooth stones, coned mushroom caps, button-y buds, and round leaves as well as driving rain, spiky branches, and prickly pine needles. That I was surrounded.

Generations of great thinkers have extolled the creative purpose of boredom. The lyrical, tenderly illustrated story is told in the voice of an androgynous young protagonist who grudgingly accompanies Mom to a writing cabin in the lush, rainy woods — a place oozing boredom only alleviated by a videogame. But then, while trying to enact a scene from the game while skipping stones in the pond at the bottom of the path, the reluctant adventurer drops the console into the water and off it plummets to the bottom. Devastation sets in — now there is nothing to do, nothingness utterly terrifying in thrusting the young protagonist into such sudden solitude with nature. The moment of despair is intercepted by a procession of four enormous snails, which offer unexpected delight with their jelly antennae and lead the way to a constellation of mushrooms — a scene that only amplifies the lovely Alice-in-Wonderland undertone of the story.

With all the fun games to play and not-so-fun-but-necessary chores to do inside, sometimes a day, a week, or even the whole summer can go by without you ever really getting outside to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and outdoor activities that can be so invigorating.
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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. All I want to do on a rainy day like today is stay inside and play my game. The game drives Mum mad, and she takes it away. I take it back and dash outside — but splash!

Here in Portland we are back in the rainy part of the year pretty much October through early June. This new book, written and beautifully illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna , follows a young girl as technological boredom inside becomes what she thinks will remain boredom outside. But that boredom is anything but uneventful and unexciting! A book to spur imagination and exploring and a break from boredom or screen time. All I want to do on a rainy day like today is play my game. After losing her connection to a game device which she brought outside , and through meeting snails, walking among mushrooms, and digging hands in dirt, the young girl comes to see the outside world as something worthy of experiencing, even in the yuckiest of days. While it is wonderful for parents to get outside with their kids, sometimes parents DO have things they need to work on.


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