Team edward or jacob quiz

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team edward or jacob quiz

Edward Or Jacob? Quick Quizzes For Fans Of The Twilight Saga by Riley Brooks

Have you ever wondered what your friends really think about all things Twilight? Now you can find out!

Edward or Jacob? asks:

Want to know which TWILIGHT SAGA book your friends loved most?

Want to know which ECLIPSE actor your friends think is cutest?

Want to know if your BFFs are on team Edward or team Jacob?

Or do you already know all of you BFFs’ thoughts and feelings about all things TWILIGHT?
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Published 16.10.2019

Twilight: Edward or Jacob, Who Would you rather date?

Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

You've known from the start which boy you were sided with. This quiz will show you who you are most compatible with. You may be surprised! You let your anger out! Suddenly your screaming and hurting your sister.

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Team Jacob Quiz

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade there's no way you could have missed out on the Twilight craze. The Twilight Saga, a movie series based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, captured everyone's attention and told the story of a girl named Bella who moves to a new town and falls in love with a mysterious boy called Edward, who just also happens to be a vampire. But Edward wasn't her only crush. There was another guy too and he was completely different from Edward. His name was Jacob and he also had a secret - he could change into a wolf. Wolves and vampires are not natural friends, in fact, they are more like enemies so Bella was in a really tough spot.

Edward Cullen , the odd kid in her biology class who turns out to be a vampire with superpowers, or Jacob Black , the nice boy whose dad is friends with her dad and wants to keep her human? We know who Meyer chose, but that hardly ended the debate. His patience and understanding are tested only when Bella's safety is at risk, which is more often than Edward might like, thanks to her adorkable clumsiness. Because all vampires like fast cars, he puts on a thrilling performance behind the wheel of his Volvo. The '50s were better than the '60s, Edward thinks, and the '80s were just terrible. Really, Edward and Bella are meant to be together -- if only due to Edward's desires to both kill Bella and whisk her away to a glittery honeymoon suite, warring urges that manifest as unbridled, stalker-level obsession. Also, his family is cool.

You are Team Edward! You're private and like to keep to yourself. As far as time goes, you like spending yours indoors, or where the sun can't find you, seeing as how your temperature runs a little cold on the daily. Aside from your family, who are the closest people in your life, you're pretty closed off to the world! You're the logical thinker.


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    Are You Team Edward Or Jacob? - ProProfs Quiz

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