J paul getty iii kidnapping

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j paul getty iii kidnapping

Kidnapped: The Tragic Life of J. Paul Getty III by Charles Fox

This a slow read but still worth the time. The subject is the kidnapping and ransom of J. Paul Getty III back in the early 70s. His gilded life and his subsequent decline. While I would not normally not care about his life the end twist made up for a lot of short comings in the story. It is no ones fault this slugs along at a snails pace. The bulk of the text is transcription of interviews and those are sometimes murder to wade through.

The kidnapping was a confusing ordeal. There was to my mind one heroine, Gettys mother, and a couple of no-accounts including his father. The Italian press and the Italian police come off looking like oafs. At the same time this is an interesting glimpse into a lifestyle none of us will ever know. Like it or not, however, the mothers grief, the sons pain, the loss of innocence no matter the degree of wealth is not painless. Young Getty knew he was a non-person so I guess I can read this with an indifference and not feel guilty.
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The Richest Man Refused to Pay for His Grandson

Like so many dynasties, the Getty Family has been absurdly rich in money, but not necessarily love, health or happiness. Related J. Paul Getty, refused to pony up the money.
Charles Fox

The True Story Of The John Paul Getty III Kidnapping

A prominent and delicately formed ear sliced from the head of a terrified and fully conscious year-old boy with the same name as the Richest Man in the World, a boy whose adolescence had until then meandered aimlessly around teenage indulgences and post-pubescent vanities. And while the boy lay bleeding, vomiting and in shock, his flesh was shuffled around dingy Duce -built post offices, delayed in its ghoulish transit by an interminable Italian postal strike. And, tragically, also one of the most miserly. A self-inflicted, inch-deep stab wound which failed to penetrate the abdominal wall was found in his chest. The boy without an ear camouflages his outrage these days with hair that dangles toward his thin neck.

Paul Getty III, who was a grandson of the oil baron once believed to be the richest man in the world and who achieved tragic notoriety in when he was kidnapped by Italian gangsters, died Saturday at his home near London. He was His son, the actor Balthazar Getty, confirmed the death in a statement relayed in an e-mail from Laura Hozempa, one of his agents. Getty had been wheelchair-bound since , when a drug overdose caused him to have a stroke that left him severely paralyzed, unable to speak and partly blind. At the time of his abduction, Mr.

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Paul Getty III, a scion of the Getty oil dynasty whose tragedies - mutilation by kidnappers in the early s and an incapacitating, drug-induced stroke in the s - brought into high relief the dysfunctional relations that beset his famously wealthy family, has died in Buckinghamshire, England. He was Getty, who had homes in the Los Angeles area for some years after his ordeals, died on Saturday after a long illness, according to a statement from his actor-son, Balthazar. Credit: Getty Images. Left nearly blind and a quadriplegic after the stroke, Getty was known to the public largely for his misfortunes.


  1. Aramis J. says:

    The True Story Of The John Paul Getty III Kidnapping

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    John Paul Getty III was the grandson of American oil tycoon J. Paul Getty, who was once the richest man in the world. While living in.

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    It has all the elements of a taut psychological thriller: A wealthy family, a wayward son, and a frightening, gruesome crime.

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    The family's money was made in the early s when John Paul Getty III's grandfather, J. Paul Getty, founded the Getty Oil Company, one of.

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