Age is an issue of mind over matter essay

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age is an issue of mind over matter essay

Quote by Mark Twain: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don...”

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Published 17.10.2019

Dr. Joe Dispenza- Mind Over Matter: The Ways To Turn Your Thoughts Into Reality

Age is nothing but a number

Age is an issue of mind over matter. As a human being, we all are going to grow older. As we grow older age will start working with us. There are many symptoms which are going to suggest that we are getting older. For example unable to do the hard work, loss of eyesight, weaken memory, slow decision power these all can indicate that we are getting older.

In Western cultures, which are obsessed with what is new, novel, innovative, and futuristic, being old is often perceived as a shortcoming, and the elderly in such cultures are often shown as irascible, depressed, decrepit, senile people who have lost their joie de vivre. English literature is replete with negative images of old age. Then there is La Rochefoucauld, who viewed most old people as making a mess of their age and wasting their time, or letting time waste them. Matthew Arnold's perspective of growing old doesn't shine a positive light on old age either. For Arnold, old folks are trapped in their bodies like a prison, feeling as if they were never young. Arnold believes that by the end of life an old person will come to hate his own body and will blame his advanced age for the loss of spirit, strength, and emotion. In Beauvoir's words, older people in Western cultures have:.

Changing the world with love

Age is an issue of mind over matter. Generally, as a human being we tend to see our age from biological point of view and from very childhood; biology has taught us that as we grow older, as we advanced further in our life; AGE, certainly starts to work on us. There are numerous external and internal symptoms that clearly manifest that slowly but very steadily we are getting older;. Some of them are very much apparent; like physical disability to do hard work, loss of eye sight, various diseases;. And there are numerous mental symptoms like weaken memory, less sharpness and agility in mind and slow decision power are some of the symptoms that simply comes with growing age.

Age is nothing but a number, to which we have attached great significance. Somehow we have given more meaning than we should, and so we let a number to control our life. The truth is that age does not define us, or our destiny, because it is not our age that counts, but our attitude. As today is my 26th birthday I was thinking about life and age, and how our life is influenced by it. It seems that we have an age for everything, an age to learn and study, and age to have fun, an age to get married, and age to have kids, and age to be successful and an age where you are too old to do anything that you basically die before you are really dead. Age is a prison created by our society, which has deprived us the freedom to do whatever we want whenever we want.


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