Alien spheres found on earth

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alien spheres found on earth

The Shattered Sphere by Roger MacBride Allen

Good book, not as good as the first but still a fun read. The plot felt a bit rushed to me, all the major characters have these great ideas or insights that all just happened to right. Also, as someone who works with simulations on a daily basis, I find it hard to credit when a character just whips up a simulation overnight that suddenly explains a major plot point. Feels a bit like baking a cake, so to speak. Still very enjoyable, I just wish the characters had had to work harder for the finish.
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Alien Pulsar Rings and Dyson Spheres

The Mysterious Case of Two Spheres Falling to Earth in Australia and Brazil

It can also be termed the zone of life on Earth , a closed system apart from solar and cosmic radiation and heat from the interior of the Earth , and largely self-regulating. The biosphere is postulated to have evolved , beginning with a process of biopoiesis life created naturally from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds or biogenesis life created from living matter , at least some 3. In a general sense, biospheres are any closed, self-regulating systems containing ecosystems. This includes artificial biospheres such as Biosphere 2 and BIOS-3 , and potentially ones on other planets or moons. The term "biosphere" was coined by geologist Eduard Suess in , which he defined as the place on Earth's surface where life dwells. While the concept has a geological origin, it is an indication of the effect of both Charles Darwin and Matthew F. Maury on the Earth sciences.

Scientists have spotted strange changes in light deep in space — which some claim might be a huge alien power station. The huge cluster of objects has been said by scientists to be so strange that they have very little idea what it is. And some have speculated that it could be a swarm of megastructures built by aliens, while others say it might be one of the biggest clouds of space dust ever seen. The reports originate from findings about a star named KIC , which has been watched by the Kepler space telescope, which looks for other planets like ours. If it is an alien megastructure, then the most likely reason for building it would be to construct a Dyson sphere — a huge shell structure that would sit entirely round a star, collecting all of the energy that comes out of it. The idea of a Dyson sphere began as a thought experiment, based on the idea that technological civilisations gradually look to harness more energy.

5 days ago (Science fiction often depicts Dyson spheres as solid shells around stars, but from the European Space Agency's Gaia space observatory found that these in Atmosphere of an Alien World Nearly Twice the Size of Earth.
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Whittling down

Could a Dyson Sphere Harness the Full Power of the Sun?

A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures a large percentage of its power output. The concept is a thought experiment that attempts to explain how a spacefaring civilization would meet its energy requirements once those requirements exceed what can be generated from the home planet's resources alone. Only a tiny fraction of a star's energy emissions reach the surface of any orbiting planet. Building structures encircling a star would enable a civilization to harvest far more energy. The first contemporary description of the structure was by Olaf Stapledon in his science fiction novel Star Maker , in which he described "every solar system He proposed that searching for such structures could lead to the detection of advanced, intelligent extraterrestrial life. Different types of Dyson spheres and their energy-harvesting ability would correspond to levels of technological advancement on the Kardashev scale.

A mysterious star whose repeated bouts of darkening might be due to "alien megastructures," according to some researchers' conjectures, may now have more than a dozen counterparts that display similarly mystifying behavior, a new study finds. Further research into all of these stars might help solve the puzzle of their bewildering flickering, the study's author said. In , scientists noticed unusual fluctuations in the light from a star named KIC This otherwise-normal F-type star, which is slightly larger and hotter than Earth's sun, sits about 1, light-years from Earth, in the constellation Cygnus. Related: 13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens. These events did not appear to follow any pattern and seemed far too substantial to be caused by planets or dust crossing the star's face. These analyses of KIC — now nicknamed "Boyajian's star" formerly Tabby's star after its discoverer — raised the possibility that astronomers had detected signs of intelligent alien life.

By Rachel Courtland. But some say the prospects for finding the hypothetical structures, which could cocoon stars in order to collect solar energy for power-hungry aliens, may be getting brighter. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence is focused largely on detecting signals sent from afar. But in , physicist Freeman Dyson proposed a way to directly search for artifacts of alien civilisations. Dyson envisioned that population pressure and the demand for energy would drive civilisations to dismantle planets and use the debris to surround a star, creating a massive solar collector.


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