Bird with crown on head

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bird with crown on head

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Moustache bird

Top 10 Birds With Most Beautiful Crests

The crown is the top or highest part of a bird's head, the peak of the head. The term generally refers to just the center of the head, not a complete hood, which would extend to the upper back and over the bird's face, or a broad cap, which encompasses the entire top of the head above the eyes and extending to the nape. The crown is the top of a bird's head, a patch extending roughly from the point above the eyes back to just where the rear of the head begins to slope down the back of the bird's neck. In the strictest sense, the crown is only the very top and center of the head and does not extend extensively down the sides of a bird's face. More casual definitions, however, allow the term crown to be used for the entire broader top of a bird's head, though the sides of the face and the back of the neck are generally not included in the crown. In some bird species, the crown is very distinct and easy to note. On other birds, however, either a lack of bold markings or an overabundance of head patterning can make the crown more difficult to distinguish.

Crown can mean the top of the head and it can also mean the whole head. In bird anatomy , the crown is the top of the head, or more specifically the zone from the frons , or forehead, extending posteriorally to the occiput and laterally on both sides to the temples. The upper part of the head, including frons, crown and occiput, is sometimes called the pileum. In whale anatomy the crown is the bulge on the head through which the blow-holes emerge. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Crown. Oxford English Dictionary 3rd ed.

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Bird Parts for Identification

The world of birds is full of wonders. Here the list of top 10 birds with most beautiful crests. Hoopoe is a beautiful yet noticeable bird that found throughout North Africa and Eurasia.

Big Bird's got nothing on the tousled feathers that top the Dalmatian pelican's head. The largest of all pelican species, Dalmatian pelicans live in wetlands in Europe, the Mediterranean and even as far as China. That's not to say that these birds are thriving — the IUCN Red List has them listed as "vulnerable" as populations are decreasing due to draining wetlands, land development, and illegal hunting. This fluffy red pouf belongs to this tropical ground bird that thrives throughout the rain forests of Southeast Asia. Check out those curls! The great curassow's range stretches from Mexico throughout Central America.


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    the perfect example with a crown of delicate feathers topping its noggin. regardless of the reason — these birds have head-turning tresses.

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    Top 10 Birds With Most Beautiful Crests - The Mysterious World

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