From russia with love game review

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from russia with love game review

From Russia With Love (James Bond, #5) by Ian Fleming

Name: Bond, James. Height: 183 cm, weight: 76 kg; slim build; eyes: blue; hair: black; scar down right cheek & on left shoulder; all-round athlete; expert pistol shot, boxer, knife-thrower; does not use disguises. Languages: French and German. Smokes heavily (NB: special cigarettes with three gold bands); vices: drink, but not to excess, and women.

Every major foreign government organization has a file on British secret agent James Bond. Now, Russias lethal SMERSH organization has targeted him for elimination. SMERSH has the perfect bait in the irresistible Tatiana Romanova, who lures 007 to Istanbul promising the top-secret Spektor cipher machine. But when Bond walks willingly into the trap, a game of cross and double-cross ensues, with Bond both the stakes and the prize.
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From Russia With Love

As well as being forever on Her Majesty's secret service, a certain veteran MI6 agent has spent the last three decades carving out a lucrative second career, essentially freelancing on consoles and home computers. It says something about the durability and ubiquity of Bond, the great British brand, that very few of these games seem to come out at the same time as one of the actual movies. Tee Hee, the towering, metal-clawed henchman from Live And Let Die, could count the number of official film tie-ins that have hit the correct release window on his one good hand. Early Bond licence holders Domark set an industrious early example in the s, cranking out cheap, cheerful 8-bit and bit adaptations of A View To A Kill, The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill that hit shelves the same year those titles graced the big sign on your local Odeon. Since then, it's been a crapshoot, often with crap shooters. The N64's Goldeneye , the literal gold standard of Bond gaming, was released in , two years after Pierce Brosnan's stunt double bungee-jumped off that dam.

Late last year, EA released its second attempt at a third-person shooter starring the most daring and dashing of British secret agents, James Bond. Based on the classic film of the same name, From Russia With Love used many of the same ideas and concepts as EA's entirely original Bond adventure, Everything or Nothing. Sadly, something got lost between sequels. From Russia With Love lacks the same sense of visceral thrill that the first game had, not to mention any measure of challenge. The fact that it hacked up the film's plot quite a bit to make it game-ready didn't help matters, either.

It took a heavy reenvisioning of how Bond games should be played to get the series back on track, but last year's Everything or Nothing did it. By dropping the first-person-perspective rut the series had gotten itself into, and by shifting things into the third person, EA went and made a damn thrilling original adventure featuring a host of celebrity actors, including the most recent and now former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. For its second third-person Bond game, Electronic Arts has put aside original adventures to go back in time to the time period where it all began. From Russia With Love is based on the film of the same name, and it brings back many of the familiar characters and scenarios from that film. EA even got the original Bond himself, Sean Connery, to come back to do his lines all over again.

For those who've seen the film From Russia With Love, the game follows the same story of Cold War conspiracies, adding a few extra missions.
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Parents say

The game is based on the novel and the film of the same name. Additionally, it features many elements of later Bond films to recreate the feel of the era such as the Aston Martin DB5 that debuted in Goldfinger and the jet pack from Thunderball It is the second-to-last video game released by MGM Interactive and the last James Bond video game until the release of Quantum of Solace in

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    From Russia With Love.

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    EA's take on Bond's classic adventure is a game of enjoyable From Russia With Love is based on the film of the same name, and it.

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    From Russia With Love lacks the same sense of visceral thrill that the first game had, not to mention any measure of challenge. The fact that it.

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