I am lucky to work with you

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i am lucky to work with you

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Published 22.10.2019

I AM LUCKY - BEST VERSION - with Uplifting Music - Super-Charged Affirmations

I’m Lucky to Work With You: Spread Staff Sunshine!

VersaPay Interested for your company? Everything and everyone is awesome here. Very very smart and fun people to work with. They really know how to treat their employees. Lots of perks and benefits but you are expected to be great at your work which is awesome.

These are the old wives tales that so many of us have grown up with — and we do them without thinking about it, whether we think they will affect our luck or not. The feeling of luck goes hand in hand with confidence. Whether that improves our luck or not is the million dollar question. But we have to remember that feeling unlucky can be a mindset; a natural response to being underprepared for the tasks that are in front of us. And that is something we can change. Fortune favors the bold, as they say.

Understand what drives people so you can unlock your company's potential.

Jason Derulo - If I'm Lucky Part 1 (Official Music Video)

I am not lazy. I work hard. Now, mind you, my work is a whole lot of fun, so when I am playing hard, that is work too! I have 4 key tips that I want to share with you that have enabled me to have a super successful career. These tips are what allow me to have a life of freedom time and money that enables me to center my life around what matters most, my family. Making a decision is the most important thing you can do to move yourself forward.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I am bringing you another staff sunshine idea to add to my series! If you want to see other ideas I have blogged about, click here! This post is all about spreading sunshine at your school on St. Patricks day!


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