Sex with my teacher story

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sex with my teacher story

Sex with My Teacher! Five Teacher/Student Sex Erotica Stories by Kathi Peters

Mmmmore Productions presents five hardcore erotica stories filled with plenty of beautiful babes having forbidden sex with professors, teachers, students, and even a driving instructor! It’s one of the naughtiest fantasies out there, and these stories make it hot, hot, hot!

1. Punished by the Dean: A Teacher/Student Domination Short by Sonata Sorento

Alice is in trouble. She’s been caught drinking on campus, and she’s underage. The perfectly clean record she’s had in her three years at college is about to go right out the window. She feels stupid and horrible, and when Dean Fields offers her the opportunity to handle the situation privately, she’s ready to do whatever it takes. In this case, it takes complete submission to every aspect of Dean Field’s domination.

2. Professor Roberts Wants My Ass! An FFM First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Morghan Rhees

Laura can’t let her grades slip, and when she falls asleep in the library, she’s in a real panic. She begs her professor to give her some time, and Mr. Roberts has a pretty good idea of what he wants from her. Before she knows it, she’s bent over his couch! The professor has a bigger surprise, though. It turns out that more than one student needs to make a deal, and Laura is about to have her first lesbian sex experience in a scorching teacher/student sex ménage a trois! Before this night is through, a naughty student’s ass is getting its first anal sex experience!

3. Taken in the Locker Room: A Rough First Anal Sex Threesome Erotica Story by Susan Fletcher

Lizzie’s fitting nicely in with her new squad. The team is getting better and better, and she’s got a handsome coach and a beautiful co-captain. Isn’t college nice? Things get a little strange in the locker room, though, because her lovely co-captain suddenly starts behaving more like a lover than a friend! As she’s trying to wrap her head around that, the coach catches her, and instead of correcting them, he joins in! It’s a rough and reluctant threesome that follows. Pompoms and first anal sex…what more could anyone want?

4. Ell’s Wild Ride: A Rough Double Penetration Erotica Story by Jeanna Yung

Ell’s family is dead set against her learning how to drive. She’s tired of her family’s peculiarities, though, and she determines to get a driving lesson. She gets a whole lot more than she bargains for when she shows up ready to figure out how to handle a roadster. In fact, she learns a whole hell of lot more about how to be handled! It’s a very rough double team encounter with her first anal sex and a scorching double penetration!

5. Tortured by the Teacher: A Tale of Domination and Submission by Kathi Peters

It’s hard for a submissive when your teacher is your dominant, but that’s just what Jeanie faces every day! This class is special torture because there’s a bullet vibrator hooked up and the Professor has the remote and is making sure her command not to have an orgasm is obeyed! Can she make it to the end of class? If she does, she’ll be rewarded. If she doesn’t…well, there will be punishment.

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various teacher/student sex encounters. It includes first lesbian sex, bondage, ffm threesome sex, mfm threesome sex, rough sex, reluctant sex, first anal sex, rough deepthroat, sex toys, domination, submission, lesbian seduction, pinching, outdoor sex, spanking, double penetration, double team sex, and more. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.
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my teacher: (18+ sex stories)

This exam had to be a joke. I took a casual glance around the classroom to see my other classmates sweating it out over our final high school biology exam. I chuckled to myself as I thought about the last four years of girls throwing themselves at Mr. Christoph like cats in heat, while he remained oblivious to all of it. Christoph, as I admired his strategies for teaching difficult concepts and creating such an easygoing classroom environment. Christoph also taking a particular interest in me.

Teachers have always fucked their students. It's a tradition dating back to Socrates, and probably before that.
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Except he was my year-old varsity coach, and I was a year-old virgin obsessed with getting him in bed. Neil looked just like Richard Gere…and was kind of a dick. He was a computer-science teacher and a very tough coach. I threw discus, but I was no junior Olympian so he really didn't give me the time of day. I was so jealous of the girls who got to go to state championships and stay at hotels with him. Although Neil had a wife, I knew his marriage was rocky and his wife was 17 years his junior — it fueled my fire to know that he liked younger women.

My art teacher swallowed my jizz.. Joined: Apr 17, Messages: Likes Received: So my Guidance counselor informed me today that in order to graduate high school this year I'm going to have to take art for the full semester instead of just the first half of this year.. So after school I wen't to my art teachers room to talk to her about the full year course, She's kind of a hippie but is always open to students and will help them with any problems they have in or out of school, at the same exact time she is a mid 30's mother of 2 and is a sexy as FUCK blonde So I walk in and notice her hair is looking extra nice today and right away throw her a compliment, she was really flattered and laughed. I told her about how I am going to have her as a teacher for the full year now instead of just the first half of the semester and she said she was glad because I'm one of her favorite students, a stack of projects from her younger students fell off of one of the tables and she bent down to pick up the scattered papers As she bent down her ass looked like it wanted to just bust out of her leggings, I also noticed a butterfly tattoo just north of her bright pink thong and it started to turn me on, I wen't to re-adjust my package since it was getting a little tight in my pants at this point just as she had picked everything up. She turned around just to see me with my hand grabbing my junk and just stared straight at my dick. Joined: Nov 26, Messages: Likes Received:


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