Friend wants to share with you on facebook

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friend wants to share with you on facebook

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Sep 19, You've come across a Facebook post that you want to share, but there's If Facebook friends tell you that they have tried to share one of your.

How to Tag Friends in Facebook Posts

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. A list of matching names displays as you type. Click the name of the desired person. You can also share a post only with specific people. The current settings for who can see this post display in a popup above the button.

Finding out when you friended someone on Facebook can be useful when taking a stroll down Memory Lane, or in cases where you don't remember friending someone and you're wondering, "Who is this guy? You can also find the exact date you became friends by accessing your activity log. Click the button with the gear-shaped icon at the top of your friend's Timeline. Select "See Friendship" to see a friendship page that includes all your Facebook interactions with your friend. The month and year you became friends is listed at the top. Click the "Activity Log" button at the top of your Timeline to see a listing that includes all your Facebook activity since you first created your profile.

my friends can't share my posts

How to post and share content with a friend in Facebook

Tagging in Facebook occurs when you include a friend's name as a link in one of your posts. It's as easy as typing the person's Facebook name and then selecting that friend's profile from a pop-up menu. Anyone you tag is notified that you've included them in the post. Other people who see the post can select the tagged person's name to visit that person's profile if that friend's privacy permissions allow it. In some cases, your friend may have to approve the link before it appears to that person's friends.

The idea with the new re-sharing option is to give users a way to add their own commentary or react to a post, without repurposing it as their own — the way a regram reposting to feed feature would have permitted. For example, you can now re-share something you saw posted by a brand or influencer on Instagram that you like, or add your own comments on top of a funny meme, or even tag a friend on a post you want them to see. In fact, tagging friends through Instagram comments had become so common on the social network over the years, that it rolled out a way to send posts via Direct Messaging as an alternative. Re-sharing can only be done from public Instagram accounts, Instagram says. To share an Instagram feed post to your Story, you first tap the paper airplane icon — the same as you tap today to send a post through direct messaging. Tap this to see the feed post appear as a sticker of sorts with a customized background, reading for re-sharing. You can also rotate, scale or move the sticker around, and tap on it to explore other styles.


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    I'm sharing posts with privacy "Friends", and they used to re-share it inside their time if you share a public post from another timeline or a page means your friends sharing by friends with friends or public when they want to share it further.

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