Is started with a whisper

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is started with a whisper

It Started with a Whisper (Sons of Witches, #1) by A.W. Hartoin

Wishes are powerful things, if you belong to the MacClarity clan. You can ask Ernest for anything and he’ll make it come true, even though he’s been dead for nearly a hundred years. Puppy MacClarity doesn’t take the rumors about Ernest too seriously. But when he’s had enough of his teacher’s harassment, Puppy asks Ernest to take care of Miss Pritchett for him. Ernest does and family secrets start to surface like magic.

During a summer filled with both fear and fun, Puppy begins to realize that Ernest isn’t the only special thing about his family, and their oddities aren’t just skin deep. Too bad he didn’t know sooner.
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Published 22.10.2019

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In the fourth in this series, Emily shares how you can feel empowered to challenge the little things. It starts with a whisper. What is considered normal is only considered normal when it is not questioned. Welcome to part 4 in my series on ending rape culture. In the first of this series , I shared my dream to end rape culture within a generation, and in the second , I defined what I mean by rape culture. Before the Christmas break, I took a look at the little things , and invited you to start noticing those little things around you, the ones that help create a culture where women are demeaned, objectified, talked over, used, ignored, minimised and silenced. What did you notice?

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