Siberian husky good with kids

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siberian husky good with kids

The Siberian Husky Fact and Picture Book: Fun Facts for Kids About Siberian Huskies by Gina McIntyre

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Siberian Husky

One of the most important things for families to consider when buying or adopting a husky is, are huskies family pets?
Gina McIntyre

Are Huskies good with Kids

A lot of new moms who has bought a Siberian husky from us call me asking if huskies are good with kids. I get this question all the time. They have a grown Siberian husky in the house and now they are expecting a baby. It becomes a concern for the soon to be moms and who could blame them. Huskies usually play rowdy in the house. The good news is they are very good with children. No small children should ever be left unsupervised with any dog.

Breed Characteristics:

The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog breed with a thick coat that comes in a multitude of colors and markings. Their blue or multi-colored eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of this breed, which originated in Siberia. Adorable pics and info about Siberian Husky Puppies here! Contrary to popular belief, small size doesn't necessarily an apartment dog make — plenty of small dogs are too high-energy and yappy for life in a high-rise. Being quiet, low energy, fairly calm indoors, and polite with the other residents, are all good qualities in an apartment dog. Some dogs are simply easier than others: they take to training better and are fairly easygoing. They're also resilient enough to bounce back from your mistakes or inconsistencies.

Siberian huskies are loving dogs that crave companionship, and as such, tend to make very good dogs to keep with children. Huskies are known for their sweet, good nature. Huskies are pack dogs that are used to living in a family community; this translates well into the household, where the dog will take to the humans in its life as its equal pack members. As a pack dog, a Siberian Husky might display concern for their fellow pack-mates and offer some guardianship, but in whole, Siberians are no guard dogs and cannot be relied upon as protectors of anything or anyone. Siberian Huskies are not good watch-dogs because they are not territorial or protective in nature. With children, however, this is a positive, because it means that they will be ready to accept any new playmate a child brings home, and they will not be quick to defend a home or yard from unexpected visitors. In actuality, Siberian Huskies have a strong need for play and exercise to stay happy and healthy; for adults, children are ideally suited to this task.

Let me put it straight away — Huskies are very unpredictable dogs. I had a few dogs before, and thus I really thought to know a lot about dogs in general, but this little fella surprised me more than once! Husky temperament is defined with two main characteristics — intelligence and independence. Siberian demands a lot of attention, he likes to be in company all the time. You should avoid as much as possible, leaving him alone, remember that!


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