How to hook a rug with yarn

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how to hook a rug with yarn

Purely Primitive: Hooked Rugs from Wool, Yarn, and Homespun Scraps by Pat Cross

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Part 1: Rug Hooking with Yarn by Susie Stephenson, examples and inspirations.

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Julie Many traditional rug hookers are adamantly opposed to hooking with yarn, and will tell you so! The thing is, they come by it honest, as they say. Acrylics were all the rage, and very few people even knew what handspinning was. Good wool yarn was set aside for knitting, not rug hooking. And who can forget those tacky latch-hooking and punch hooking kits that were so ubiquitous when we were growing up?

Rug hooking*Hooking with yarn is as traditional as using fabric strips. Early- century hookers often used yarn due to the high cost of wool.
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Rug Hooking 101: A How to Guide for Beginner Rug Hookers

The rug above is my very first project. It turned out that as I kept at it , I learned as I went along. Rug Hooking is a simple craft that you can easily teach yourself. I recommend a kit for beginners because you have everything you need to get started. Here are some basic instructions for rug hooking. You first fasten your pattern, which is a piece of burlap with a picture drawn upon onto a frame such as a heavy duty quilting hoop, or a stretcher bar. Cut a strip of wool cloth about one quarter an inch wide, and about eight to twelve inches long.


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    Every so often my decorating and DIY sides meet up and give me the urge to take on a home project.

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    Latch hooking a rug is simple, relaxing and fun. There are Loop or fold the yarn around the base of the hook, beneath the swinging latch.

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    Latch hooking a rug is simple, relaxing and fun.

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