Story with a known end

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story with a known end

Storys End (Storybound, #2) by Marissa Burt

Enter the magical land of Story in this sequel to Storybound, perfect for fans of Inkheart, The School for Good and Evil, and classic fantasy tales like Ella Enchanted and The NeverEnding Story.

Kids who love fairy tales, dragons, and magic will be enchanted by Una Fairchilds unforgettable adventure in Storys End.

Story is a land of dashing Heroes, dastardly Villains, and epic quests—and once upon a time, a noble King. But the King vanished so long ago that even the memory of him is lost. Now a cruel Enemy plots to rewrite Storys future, and an ordinary girl named Una Fairchild may be the only one who can stop him.

As Una and her friends Peter and Indy race to defeat the Enemy, their quest will take them deep into the secrets of Storys past . . . and Unas own mysterious ties to this fairy-tale kingdom and its long-forgotten King.

Discover the richly imagined world, spirited cast of storybook characters, and timeless appeal of Storys End, which closes the book on Unas adventure with an all-out bang (ALA Booklist).
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A Story with a Known End Episode2 ผจญภัยแดนทะลุมิติสุดมหัสจรรย์ {ตอนที่2} (พากย์ไทย)

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