With great power comes great responsibility

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with great power comes great responsibility

Quote by Stan Lee: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

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With great power comes great responsibility

Winston Churchill? Theodore Roosevelt? Franklin D. Lord Melbourne? John Cumming?

The phrase can be used in its whole form, but often the word "responsibility" is swapped out for something that rhymes or completes an alternate joke. It is especially suited for use in image-macro form because of its dual-part construction. The origin of this quote dates back centuries, and the earliest use of the phrase on the Internet is unknown. One of its first notable appearances in contemporary pop culture can be attributed to a heartfelt scene from the superhero film Spider-Man wherein Uncle Ben says the line to Peter Parker shortly before getting killed by a carjacker shown below. This clip was posted to March 10th, The first known applications of the phrase to images was with Demotivational Posters. The image on the left is probably circa ; The image on the right was created May 16th,

The quote is often used in politics, monarchy and law enforcement, is commonly used among journalists and book authors and is used in popular culture such as in various media and memes.
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Who has the responsibility?, Ben Parker first learned this lesson in the late 's.





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    "With great power there must also come -- great responsibility!", als known as the Peter Parker principle, is a popular quote / phrase, motto and proverb that was.

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    With great power comes great responsibility. This expression has been attributed to two very different sources: Voltaire and the Spider-Man.

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    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility | Know Your Meme

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