Did satan have sex with eve

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did satan have sex with eve

Underground Knowledge — A discussion group - FORBIDDEN HISTORY OF THE BIBLE: Biblical conspiracy theory re Adam & Eve Showing 1-50 of 52

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Published 24.10.2019

Why it makes sense: Lucifer had sex with Eve Part 1

Serpent Seed: Did Eve Have Sexual Relations with Satan?

The serpent seed theory claims Eve was tempted by Satan to eat from the tree of knowledge, not for food, but for sexual enlightenment. When Eve ate of the tree, her eyes were opened and she shared her new knowledge of sex with Adam. After acquiring this knowledge, Adam and Eve became sexually active and began to produce children. Now that Eve had a carnal knowledge of sex, she was easily seduced into having sexual relations with Satan. Like Lucifer, Eve rejected the authority of God so she could be a god herself. Rather than submit to God, people want to be their own god. Proponents of the serpent seed theory also typically inject superfecundation into the mix where a woman can become pregnant with twins fathered by two separate men.

Satan does not make an appearance in Genesis 2—3, for the simple reason that when the story was written, the concept of the devil had not yet been invented. God argues that Job is rewarded because he is good, and not good because he is rewarded. In Zechariah 3, the prophet describes a vision of the high priest Joshua standing in a similar divine council, also functioning as a tribunal. Once again, the satan is not Satan who we read about in the New Testament. Is it possible that we finally have Satan here portrayed? The worldview of Jewish readers of Genesis 2—3 profoundly changed in the centuries since the story was first written. After the canon of the Hebrew Bible closed, 1 beliefs in angels, demons and a final apocalyptic battle arose in a divided and turbulent Jewish community.

There is nothing in the Bible that says that Satan had sex with Adam or with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Another view is that both Adam and Eve had sexual relations with Satan. This false doctrine is often called serpent seed and includes the idea that after Eve and Satan had sex.
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Debate with the Moonies (of Rev. Moon) #3: Did Eve Have Sex with Satan?

Jump to navigation. But this fact has not stopped some people from suggesting the contrary. One view is that Eve had sexual relations with Satan and then when she had relations with Adam and that somehow Adam sinned in the process. Another view is that both Adam and Eve had sexual relations with Satan. But again, there is nothing in Scripture to suggest that, neither. Either way, people who hold to this position say that the forbidden fruit was sexual intercourse.


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