Bird with thing on head

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bird with thing on head

Shes Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head! by Kathryn Lasky

Feathers on ladies hats were becomming more and more popular. Harriet Hemenway and her cousin Minna Hall believed something had to be done. Fashion was killing birds as well as womens chances to have the right to vote and be listened to. For who would listen to a woman with a dead bird on her head? And if the senseless slaughter for a silly fashion was not stopped, in a few years the birds with the prettiest feathers would all be dead, gone forever, extinct.

Why not form a bird club? suggested Harriet.

What a wonderful idea, said Minna. Lets do it. Lets start a club for the birds!

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Try Not To Laugh - Funny Birds Video Compilation 2017

15 birds with snazzier hairdos than you

Big Bird's got nothing on the tousled feathers that top the Dalmatian pelican's head. The largest of all pelican species, Dalmatian pelicans live in wetlands in Europe, the Mediterranean and even as far as China. That's not to say that these birds are thriving — the IUCN Red List has them listed as "vulnerable" as populations are decreasing due to draining wetlands, land development, and illegal hunting. This fluffy red pouf belongs to this tropical ground bird that thrives throughout the rain forests of Southeast Asia. Check out those curls! The great curassow's range stretches from Mexico throughout Central America. If you think this bird's crest indicates its attitude, you'd be right — they are known for their aggression and tendency to bite humans.

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Special crests, crowns, and plumes can be found on birds all over the world, and can be used for anything from mating to intimidation. The national bird of Peru is an interesting animal, known for its frog-like croaking and mud cup nests. The females are a dark orange, but the males display vibrant orange feathers and a disc-like puff of plumage on their heads. As their name suggests, you can find these birds in the cloud mountains of the Andes. This fun green bird—which is very social and lives in flocks with as many as 30 members—has a little fluffy crest that puffs up when it's excited. Guinea turaco birds are monogamous: During courtship, the male bird will feed the female, and then they build a nest together. When the eggs are laid, they each take turns watching the nest.

The thing is, when we picture dinosaurs, we picture large, reptile-looking guys tramping about on land being dicks. But there were also a lot of other kinds of dinosaurs, including some with feathers who could fly. Which leaves us with the surprising fact:. Birds are close relatives of the notorious Velociraptor 1 —they share a common ancestor with it from the Jurassic period. And today, most of our attention is on the mammals of the world—ourselves in particular, but also on our dogs and cats and elephants and bears and whales and cows and monkeys and sheep. This week, I decided to pull back the curtain on the bird world and see what was happening there. Growing a mustache and calling yourself the Inca Tern is clearly not fooling anyone:.

Order: Galliformes. Family: Phasianidae. New Zealand status: Introduced. Conservation status: Introduced and Naturalised. California quail. Adult male.


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