Tim parks a season with verona

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tim parks a season with verona

A Season with Verona: Travels Around Italy in Search of Illusion, National Character . . . and Goals! by Tim Parks

On principle, I have to give five stars to any book that could inspire in me, of all people, an interest in sports. In this highly engaging and endlessly fascinating memoir, British expatriate Tim Parks chronicles his experiences attending every Hellas Verona game throughout the course of one season, in 2001. Honestly I cant say enough good things about this book: it was a dramatic and profound experience; I was so invested in the outcome of each game (despite how long ago it was--despite being a fan of AC Milan!) and, as a result, am so eager to understand the vastly complex phenomenon that is Italian soccer. I enjoyed so much the way that Mr. Parks was able to relate so many aspects of Italian civic and cultural life to the sport; how passionate he was about the team itself while still able to to relay the story from an outsiders perspective. I so enjoyed reading his Italian Ways, being very fond of the trains myself, but I think this was even better. Forza Milan--!
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Tim Parks

A Season With Verona

He decides to follow them on their travels for a season watching every match away from home, travelling with the hardcore Hellas fans, seeing his adopted country in a very different light from coaches and terraces. The book hangs on the fixtures of Hellas with fabulous tension as they battle for survival but is so much more than just a football book. Part travelogue, part social investigation it is an absolute triumph. A book to return to again and again. This remains one of my all-time favourite books of any genre and a book I have read on numerous occsaions. Please sign in to write a review. If you have changed your email address then contact us and we will update your details.

Is Italy a united country, or a loose affiliation of warring states? Is Italian football a sport, or an ill-disguised protraction of ancient enmities? Tim Parks goes on the road to follow the fortunes of Hellas Verona football club, to pay a different kind of visit to some of the world's most beautiful cities. This is a highly personal account of one man's relationship with a country, its people and its national sport. A book that combines the pleasures of travel writing with a profound analysis of one country's mad, mad way of keeping itself entertained. His adopted country, in all its enduring and exasperating strengths and weaknesses, comes vividly to life". His descriptions of Italian football are descriptions of Italy itself, its regional differences, its squabbles, its distinctive temper".

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My son and I are sitting on the edge of the famous Curva Sud. The South End. Ten minutes ago, hurrying with the throng up the stairs, our path was suddenly blocked. Somebody thrust a plastic stick across the steps. Tightly wrapped around it was a blue and yellow flag.

One of the pleasures of being a football fan is that it gives you a faith. This is implicit in the word: 'fan' comes from the Latin fanaticus, meaning 'a worshipper'. Your team is your god, and on match-days you become a fundamentalist - you become what Tim Parks calls 'a weekend Taliban'. It's an alluringly uncomplicated faith, too. Cast in the Manichean light of fandom, the world divides neatly in two: two halves, two teams, two goals.


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