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married with secrets discovery id

The Secrets of Married Women by Carol Mason

If youre interested in this one, I wouldnt read too many reviews. I saw a few that included some pretty major spoilers. Ill be careful not to include any. While this book isnt a thriller or mystery, I still prefer not to know the twists and turns before going into any kind of fiction. I found this book to be engrossing but a bit ridiculous at times, with an unbelievable ending. Im glad I read it, but a little less of the drama would have led to a higher rating from me. If youre in the mood for some high drama womens fiction having to do with marriage, infidelity, and friendship, with some sexual moments... this would probably be a good choice for you.

At its heart, this book is about three women, their marriages, and their friendships with each other. We have Jill the main character, who is in a bit of a rut with her husband. She didnt think she wanted children and at first thought he was content without as well... but she was wrong. Now that having children is no longer on the table, shes starting to think perhaps she always wanted one after all... and hes feeling guilty. Their sex life has come to a complete stop, much to Jills dismay. She tries to re-ignite that spark, but he seems uninterested. Friend Wendy seems to have a very happy marriage with her husband, who is a police officer. Shes a happy wife and mother who has recently returned to the workforce. Though shes had tragedy in her past, shes making the best of her life. Leigh is restless. Shes beyond bored with her husband, and embarks on a steamy secret affair with a client. She insists it wont last long, just a dalliance... it might even make her marriage stronger.

Having become Leighs confidante, Jill is forced to deal with her disappointment in her husband and their sexual relationship, and even consider what would happen if she had a dalliance of her own. Each character is complicated and has a lot going on. Full of drama, it will appeal to a lot of fans of womens fiction.
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Married - (with secrets) / S1 / E3 / Blutige Wahrheit

Stephanie Roller Bruner is a beloved wife and mother of three, so when she vanishes in a blizzard days before Thanksgiving, officers launch a massive search. But when the sordid details of a secret love triangle emerge, the case takes a twisted turn. Lisa Bradford lives a quiet, country life in Arkansas with her husband Dennis and their two young kids.
Carol Mason

Married with Secrets S01 - Ep03 Yes, Master HD Watch

Lisa Bradford lives a quiet, country life in Arkansas with her husband Dennis and their two young kids. Their love story takes a devastating turn when they get a visit from police, unveiling a double life of crime so heinous it rips the marriage apart. An affair between a married man and woman leads to murder when he breaks it off with her. When Special Forces Major David Shannon is fatally shot in his family home, investigators wonder if his job made him a target. But a deeper inspection of his personal life reveals sordid secrets

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