Dancing with the lights out

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dancing with the lights out

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Published 26.10.2019

Katy B — Lights On ft. Ms. Dynamite [Official Video]

Dancing With The Lights Out - Written, produced, performed and recorded by Roxxpin. This song will appear in the upcoming motion picture.

Dancing in the dark: New York club turns lights out

The success of Earth Hour, which is now observed by voluntary black-outs in over cities around the world, is evidence of how a simple idea and strong message can change behavior around the globe. Having started as a local event, Earth Hour has evolved into a global movement which now includes a digital crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing platform—Earth Hour Blue—allowing participants to fund and deliver positive and tangible changes around the world. At the appointed hour of 8. The renewal of two existing agreements brings the total number of protected areas in Georgia supported by CNF up to nine. The event brought together business and political leaders, including …. The tournament in the village of Vakhani on the edges of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, is a big affair, held every year at the end of August. At one ….

Since the dawn of time dancing has connected people and communities. Some people like to dance in a hall, some in their lounge rooms, but we like it in the dark! The Gold Coasts LOAD sessions are for the Gold Coast community to connect and move on their own with your own special dedicated one hour every week to come together, tune out from the world and tune into yourself, music and movement. People all across the world are regularly dancing with the lights out. At LOAD what we dance to is shaped by you, our groovers!

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Basslines go deeper in the dark; voices make you tingle; the silences hit you harder. Music in the dark sounds more appealing, and Pitchblack Playback creator Ben Gomori was inspired to launch a new listening session where the songs would be the sole loud focus. Music in darkness can offer thoughtful perspectives; the Royal National Institute of Blind People has just hosted its latest See Through Sound gig , which supplied its audience with specs to simulate sight-impairment. As well as immersing you in pitch-black, its live acts remain anonymous, adding further mystique. The experiment does have stumbling blocks; I felt nervous at my first Blackout, hand-held into the gig by a guide with infra-red specs; maybe that was a flashback to childhood fears. Being in the dark creates a tightly heightened intimacy that can amplify irritants, too, such as the glow of phones.

New York AFP - With flashy lights and lasers increasingly the norm at concerts, a New York promoter is trying a new effect to bring the focus back to the music -- darkness. In an experiment Friday night, more than electronic music fans surrendered their smartphones to dance in a light-sealed room as their senses recalibrated to the audio. After an initial hour of moderate lighting while a DJ warmed up the crowd with dance-friendly house music, the stage turned black except for a single light-bulb during the main set by Eprom, whose tracks are heavy on bass yet experimental with quirky melodic riffs. A concert is all about the music," said Jay Rogovin, executive adviser of the Good Looks Collective entertainment agency, which put on the inaugural "LightsOut" show. Hoping to startle the senses further, the LightsOut show -- which took place at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn -- jarringly flashed red strobe lights at several points to remind the crowd of the darkness. The setting appeared to loosen inhibitions, with a number of club-goers throwing their arms in the air with a joyful abandon that may have otherwise been hampered by self-consciousness. As proof of how difficult the zero-distraction concept can be, at least one person smuggled in a phone and, as is commonplace at shows, spent the night constantly messaging friends.


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