Deep 6 the deep state with dick morris

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deep 6 the deep state with dick morris

Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump by Dick Morris

There is a looming and dangerous threat to our democracy. Anti-Trump partisans are scheming to overturn the will of the American electorate by paralyzing the Trump presidency.

These partisan zealots have been secretly orchestrating an unprecedented undercover campaign to sabotage President Trump and his agenda by using U.S. intelligence agencies and assets to gather and leak embarrassing and sensitive information. They started doing it even before Trump took office.

Furious at the Trump victory and the defeat of Hillary Clinton, these dedicated liberals have sought to thwart the Trump presidency by wiretapping and discrediting his top aides, leaking transcripts of presidential phone calls with foreign leaders containing classified information, and spreading unverified rumors about his alleged sexual activity based on statements supposedly made to ex-spies paid by Trump-hating partisans.

Desperate to preserve the Obama legacy and subvert Trump at every turn, a cell of nameless, faceless rogue spooks and former Obama aides have been quietly working to compromise presidential aides, create chaos in the White House, destabilize the presidency, and paint Trump as an untrustworthy, unqualified pro-Russian pretender.

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Murder of Fox News by The Deep State, by Dick Morris

Deep 6 The Deep State with Dick Morris, Delray Beach, Florida. likes · talking about this. Real News from America's best-known political.
Dick Morris

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Following nearly fifteen years of countless ethical violations, inaccurate electoral predictions, and offensive, false, and dishonest comments, Fox News political analyst Dick Morris is done at the network. In recent years the network's executives had also repeatedly been subjected to inquiries from reporters concerning Morris' pattern of ethical misdeeds. When Morris was discussing political candidates and causes on Fox News, it was usually safe to assume they were paying him money behind the scenes. During the election cycle, Morris often appeared on Fox to tout pro-Republican causes to which he had a financial connection. Morris did not disclose the payment on Fox News. Harry Reid. At no point did he disclose that he was receiving money from the group.

Dick Morris served as Bill Clinton's political consultant for twenty years. In Rogue Spooks, best-selling authors Dick Morris and Eileen McGann uncover the facts behind allegations of foreign meddling in the presidential election Dick Morris provides a strategy and position on the issues for Republicans to attract crucial new voters to the party in order to win back the White House in and put an end to the Obama agenda Our jobs go to China. Foreign aid goes to our enemies. Pakistan uses our money to fund terrorists who attack us

Recent statements by and about Dick Morris

Snopes needs your help! Learn more. A column written by Clinton adviser-turned-opponent Dick Morris pointed out details elided in a Hillary Clinton campaign ad narrated by President Bill Clinton. Circulation of the above-quoted e-mail, attributed to political commentator Dick Morris, has escalated sharply as the presidential election draws nearer, but this item began making the online rounds several years ago. The text has remained mostly constant across iterations. By the mids, Morris had became openly critical of both Clintons, and the item reproduced in the example field is similar in tone to his other Clinton-related commentaries.

Richard Samuel " Dick " Morris born November 28, is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant , and general political consultant. A friend and advisor to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas , since his run, [7] Morris became a political adviser to the White House after Clinton was elected president in Morris encouraged Clinton to pursue third way policies of triangulation that combined traditional Republican and Democratic proposals, rhetoric, and issues so as to achieve maximum political gain and popularity. He worked as a Republican strategist before joining the Clinton administration, where he helped Clinton recover from the midterm elections by advising the President to adopt more moderate policies. Morris now writes a weekly column for the New York Post which is carried nationwide, contributes columns and blogs to both the print and online versions of The Hill. He is also president of Vote.

Log in or Sign up. Jan 27, 1. Morning Guys Just wondering if anyone else subscribes to Dick Morris or not?. I was a long-time subscriber to the Dick Morris report but I haven't paid much attention to it for a while now. Well, I tuned into the latest live show yesterday evening and I realized I had forgot just how informative it really is Last edited: Jan 27,


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    Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (born November 28, ) is an American political author and Morris said that he would leave the United States if Hillary Clinton were elected president in . that makes sense," going as far as to state, "I believe Mitt Romney has known for six months that he's going to pick Marco Rubio.

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