Anna funder the girl with the dogs

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anna funder the girl with the dogs

The Girl with the Dogs by Anna Funder

The Girl with the Dogs is a poignantly beautiful novella about whats really precious in life, from Miles Franklin Award-winning Anna Funder, author of All That I Am.

Amid the debris of their friends marriages, Tess and Dan have hit the middle years relatively unscathed. But Tess senses shes at a hinge moment, poised between the life she thought she wanted and the one she long ago decided against. The demands of her Sydney family seem unrelenting: an uneasy teenage daughter, a father who has just been placed in care, the impending sale of her childhood home. Sent to London for a conference, shes unable to resist the pull of that relinquished life. What, she wonders, would it be like now? And might it have suited her better after all?

Deceptively concise, moving, elegant, The Girl with the Dogs was published online in 2014 under the title of Everything Precious.
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All That I Am. Anna Funder in Conversation

Anna Funder The Girl With The Dogs

But she's at a hinge moment, poised between her present life and the one she decided against in her youth. What could she have made of her life had she chosen differently? And what will she risk to find out? Deceptively concise, The Girl with the Dogs is a masterful story about life from beginning to end, and about the brief moments of choice that have enduring consequences. Anna Funder. Her multi-award winning novel All That I Am was an homage to four extraordinary German anti-Hitler activists in exile in London in the s.

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A nna Funder has been back in Australia for just a few weeks. Funder and her husband, the urban designer Craig Allchin, decided three and a half years living in New York was enough. The main reason was their children Imogen, 13, Polly, 11 and Max, six. I had underestimated what a radically different culture it is from here. Here is inner Sydney, the endlessly busy Parramatta Road, in a cafe called Deus. This was where Funder wrote much of All that I Am , her astonishing first novel inspired by the true story of Jewish Germans who fled to London in the s and from there tried to warn the world about Hitler.


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