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bernadette corporation made in usa

Made in USA Series by Bernadette Corporation

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Published 05.11.2019

My Name is Bernadette

Bernadette Corporation: Made in USA, Issue 1

From mock legal incorporation to anti-artistic explorations of crass commercialism, New York art provocateurs Bernadette Corporation use slick production to expose hidden networks of expertise from the demilitarized zone between high and low culture. And they mean business. Van-Huy hastily assembled what would go on to form the basis of the endlessly mutating collective, currently comprised of Antek Walczak and John Kelsey, with Bernadette herself at the core. During the following decade, two major events morphed the Corporation into its second-phase identity as neo-Situationist provocateurs. Travelling to Genoa in to take part in the anti-G8 demonstrations, BC found protesters being violently repressed by Italian state police.

Still, looking at the images of violence and fashion in the gallery, I found myself nodding along to the bubble-gum metal as if it were a metaphor for the show: slick and hooky, and sometimes of questionable substance. Videos of catwalk shows feature gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking models, and spreads from their style magazine, Made in USA , feature fashion and French theory. The piece was based on the idea, the show explains, that gallery and bathroom are where we find purification and meaning, as if those spaces are where we collect the dispersed bits of our identity. The Internet quotes, though, are in response to explicit photos Rihanna texted of herself. And, it all just seemed, well, silly. Or stage-y.

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A novel-in-disguise, Eine Pinot Grigio, Bitte is a dark foray into capitalism gone awry. Set against a backdrop of decadent zombies, the screenplay follows John Delp and Aude as they shoot a movie in the cities of Paris, Berlin, and Mexico City. With its wild and messy sense for the absurd, Eine Pinot Grigio, Bitte unravels that conventional Hollywood repertoire of screenwriting all to better recycle both fiction and the real. Bernadette Corporation has previously worked under the guise of an eponymous underground fashion label, published a fashion magazine called Made in USA , produced video-films, including the documentary Get Rid of Yourself , collectively authored the novel Reena Spaulings Semiotext[e] , as well as exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, the Witte de With museum, and the Centre Pompidou. Like most contemporary fiction, Reena Spaulings is about a female twenty-something. Reena is discovered while working as a museum guard and becomes a rich international supermodel.

We came from different backgrounds, but we had something in common: we wanted to change the world because we didn't like the way it was. Name : Bernadette Corporation. Current Number of Members : 3. Founded in Our work is like the one street lamp out of that flickers on and off. How did we manage this? We started a fashion magazine yesterday.

Bernadette Corporation is a New York City and [Paris]- based art and fashion collective founded in Bernadette Corporation is known for its performance, fashion, and art which in varying ways emulates and disturbs corporations. The group is often described in terms of the Situationist movement. When Bernadette Corporation first formed, they were hired to organize parties at downtown nightclubs. They quickly began making fashion and took part in the world of s underground fashion. They take influences from the "three Bs"; Barthes , Bataille and Baudrillard.


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