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images of stanley tookie williams

Life in Prison by Stanley Tookie Williams

The true stories Ive written in this book are my living nightmares. My greatest hope is that the lessons the stories offer will help you make better choices than I did. Stanley Tookie Williams, cofounder of the notorious Crips gang, is a death-row inmate. But in his two decades of incarceration, Williams has also become a respected author and activist whose dedication to ending gang warfare in the lives of inner-city children has earned him a 2001 Nobel Peace Prize nomination. In this award-winning bookwhich has drawn praise from educators, government leaders, and families alikeWilliams describes the brutal reality of being an inmate. He debunks myths of prisons as gladiator schools with blunt, riveting stories of overwhelming homesickness, the terror of solitary confinement, and the humiliation of strip-searches. Williams words are a frank challenge to adolescent readers to educate themselves, make intelligent decisions, and above all, not to follow in his footsteps.
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Stanley Tookie Williams

Stanley 'Tookie' Williams: one of the last men to be executed in California

Williams became the de facto leader and the prominent crime boss in South Central in the s. The highly publicized trial of Williams and extensive appeals for clemency sparked debate on the status of the death penalty in California. On December 13, , Williams was executed by lethal injection after extensive appeals for clemency and a four-week stay of execution were both rejected by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. His father abandoned the family when Williams was just a year old, and in , Williams moved with his mother to Los Angeles , California , and settled in the city's South Central region. As Williams' mother worked several jobs to support them, Williams was a latchkey kid and often engaged in mischief on the streets. He recalled that, as a child, he would hang out in abandoned houses and vacant lots around his neighborhood in South Central where he would watch adults get drunk, abuse drugs , gamble and engage in pit bull fights. Williams stated that after the adults finished the dog fighting they would make the children fight each other, including himself.

Stanley Tookie Williams , a gangster who became an anti-gang crusader in prison and the focus of a furious clash between advocates of punishment and redemption, was executed by lethal injection early today for four Los Angeles-area murders that he denied committing. Williams, 51, was pronounced dead at a. His execution had been all but assured Monday when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied clemency, saying, "The facts do not justify overturning the jury's verdict or the decisions of the courts in this case. Williams offered no resistance as he was strapped to the gurney in the death chamber but appeared exasperated as prison officials hooked him up to the intravenous tubes that injected the poison, according to reporters who witnessed the execution.

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If Stanley Tookie Williams is executed on Tuesday shortly after midnight for four murders, his legions of supporters will say the state has killed an innocent man. If Williams is spared, Los Angeles County prosecutors and the relatives of the dead will say a cold-blooded killer was granted the mercy that he never gave the victims., The former Crips gang leader died by lethal injection on 13 December , after last-minute appeals by his lawyers and a clemency petition to then governor Arnold Schwarzenegger were unsuccessful.

It took 36 agonizing minutes to get to the defining moment of Stanley Tookie Williams ' execution by lethal injection early Tuesday, and when it came it shot through the stuffy, crowded witness room like lightning. Williams lay dead, strapped to his gurney. It was a. The prison guards had just ordered the 39 witnesses to leave, and the first to go were three friends Williams had asked to watch his final moments. It was so quiet that when one man jangled his pocket change, it echoed off the walls.

Stanley Tookie Williams was an American gangster who moved to Los Angeles at a young age and immediately became immersed in the street life. Williams and a friend created the "Crips" gang and would eventually be arrested and convicted of murder associated with the gang's activity. Williams' mother, who was only 17 when he was born, was left to care for Williams alone after his father abandoned the family. In , Williams and his mother left New Orleans and headed to Los Angeles, California, by Greyhound bus in the hopes of achieving a better way of life. Williams later recalled the affluent-looking South Central neighborhood where they rented their first apartment as "a shiny red apple rotting away at the core. Finding the street "more interesting than being at home," Williams began wandering the neighborhood at age six. As the new kid on the block, Williams had to quickly learn how to defend himself from neighborhood bullies, and was often thrown into the middle of physical conflicts.



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