Anti federalist in a sentence

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anti federalist in a sentence

Anti-Federalist Papers Quotes by Founding Fathers

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#6 The Federalists vs the Anti Federalists

This parchment manuscript illuminates in one stroke how the Federalists and anti-Federalist s debated the question of whether the new republic was founded on the authority of a single, united sovereign people or on the authority of 13 separate state governments. Word in Definition. Wiktionary 2.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it! Hamilton's death marked the end of the Federalists as a power in New York. He led the opposition in his state to the policy of Madison's administration, was elected by the Federalists a member of the National House of Representatives, and took his seat in May Their effect was supplemented by the division into French and British sympathizers; the Republicans approving the aims and condoning the excesses of the French Revolution, the Federalists siding with British reaction against French democracy. The Federalists were strong enough to secure the adoption of a constitution Oct.

I own a few volumes of writings by the Anti-Federalists that I dip into from time to time. He came into the Massachusetts Legislature as a federalist, but some anti-federalists also voted for him. The Anti-Federalists , like their opponents, could only look with favor on one side of this great question. It seemed that the anti-Federalists had gained control of the lower House and this was a most significant victory. I should suggest Federalists and Anti-Federalists as names for the parties you will form. The imputations upon the motives of the Anti-Federalists were of the same general stamp and origin.

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